Michelle , Jerry

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20 or more units
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Medically & Physically disabled,need o2,care help, and possable terminally ill

June 06 2014 I started becoming weak,trouble breathing at times {1st episode 7.5 weeks long & high steroids were required}I had in Feb & March had biopsies from my mouth confirm,Severe ulcerative lichen planus}.Over all of the past year our Sierra Apts Corp. and we ask to have recently Feb 2015 the owner of the Corp. notified to help us out of our lease,without penalties and to be month to month until husband is working & off of FMLA as all sick leave,& vacation had been exausted. We have taken extensive notes, including last years letter to have our monthly lease agreement due to be signed,a lower monthly rate making them aware of our concern about my changing health.Jan 20,2015 I was diognosed with Conective tissue disease{s}or mixed connective td.My lungs are failing me and Yesterday I saw a rheumatologist who had many blood tests done in 6 wks we will know how much we are looking at and a better timeline.I am to have many other specialist do tests to see if any other organs are failing ? Most of these disease in the MCTD,or CT disease{s}are fatal,this is also dependent on when the disease{s} started attacking your systems.It was confirmed that that was actually 2011 going by bloodwork,etc over time.I fell through the cracks,because I am Medicare,Medical,sadley. We have lost 4/5 of the income comming in & only a small portion of that will return. We need to be in a larger more than our current{1000}sq ft apt,combining storage and living,and selling off what we can helping the finacial aspect. as well as I need a handicap accessable bath,with a shower an IHSS care giver does not have to try and help me climb into the bathtub to take a shower,etc.We are told they are keeping our deposits as well even though we had to move in to a non-updated apt because ours was not done and we were living in a bug and rodent infested house.This apt once we leave is slotted to be upgraded,so we know as they have said"Until your apt is rented at the same or higher rate you will be financilly responsible. We do not know how we can both move and loose all our deposits,I need help in Feb we received a 3-day pay or quit notice and the day we were to be served borrowed the money to pay and were charged $155.00 late fees,that were accruing each day not paid.Please help I am so scared I can not even take dr.s advice that any stress,makes all condition's worse,what will happen where will I go If he cannot provide adequate financial and other accommadation's the IHSS program can take away my care, which is what we are waiting on so Jerry JD}can go back to his fulltime job.HELP!

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