Residence Type: 
5-9 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I am being evicted of my cottage, my rent is being paid, I paid my rent mostly within the days I am allow to pay, but not late. I had an issue with my next door neighbor, she and some other woman arrased me, refused to move out of my parking spot, while I had my mother in my car I was called names by these two ladies, my mom urinated on her clothes because they woundn't move so I can get her close to my place, mom has a lot of hard time walking as we were trying to make it to my place things were not easy. I was very upset about this, while this happen I never answer those ladies anything, but I reported to my landlord and told here I have never complain about anyone before, however, a week later, I got an eviction letter evicting me and my husband. I do not have a place to go, my husband does not work, so with one of my checks I paid the rent and with the other I pay my other bills. My husband next month he will be done with school, he attend school and will graduate in September.
I never complained before about my neighbor, but it seems my neighbor has been complaining about me all these time and i did not know, I did let a friend of mine that did not have a place to sleep to come and sleep here couple of times a week, and my landlord knew about it, they both meet. My landlord said that my neighbor told her my home is very noisy, people slams doors and talk too loud on the phone. I TOLD HER, I also was attending school, I was out since 6:30am and came back after 10pm, that nobody was at home during that time, only my friend will stay longer because I left before she got up. My mom can not hear well and yes, only one time we got a phone call in the morning and I was here when she talk to one of my brothers. I have a t.v. and I do not turn in on, it is only on when my husband comes from out of town, as hes school in not in town. t.v. will go on may be eight days in a month and we are grown ups, we do not talk loud or fight.
My neighbor before had come to my door and asked me to turn light off, my outside light because it is right into her bedroom, so since then I turn it off completely, I have tried my best not to botter anyone. Even one day I fell because one of my front doors hit me and did not allow to move, my foot got cut under something while I was trying to open the second door.
I feel I have not broken any laws, I have got along with everyone, I have two other neigbors that are very nice, only these lady is different. Before I had a cat and she locked my cat for two days in her garage and left to work, I found my cat and I called my landlord and asked her to please open the door so I could get my cat out, our garages are very small, and my cat was white, at any time anybody could see her, she was indoor cat, but later she told my landlord she was going to sue me for damages to her car that she thought my cat did it. In our neighborhood are 100s of cats, and she often leaves her car out, but she was blaming my cat for those damages; she did not pursue that law suit.
Anyone at my place my landlord knew because her daughter lives in out of the cottages that is located at the begining of this property.
Also, in my contract is my mom, I told my landlord that mom few times comes to visit and stays here, it says in my contract. Now, I've been here for a year and a half and never mom came to visit, only last month I brought her with me as she been in and out of hospital since February. Mom was here for three weeks. I do not know what to do, but my landlord gave me two months to get out of my place and to say the truth, the month of july was already paid, and i paid my last month as a deposit.
Now my questions are, am I suppose to pay my rent for August, and if i do, how am I suppose to accumulate $$$ to move out, I do not have it, not even for deposit for a new place.
I do not have anybody to help me move, my family lives in southern california and can not afford to visit, and my husband has like 6 weeks for his final work at school.
I NEED LEGAL ADVICE, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, I never been in this situation before. I asked my landlord to why she was doing this and she said that by law she does not have to tell me why, and if this is because of my neighbor; my landlord is only listening to one side, as I do not think I've been threated right.
My neighbor still arrases me, the other day she called me and idiot, and I did not answer; I can not afford to loose my job; I can not have anything in my record, any words with any person it will be consider arrasement or some criminal activity and inmediately I will lose my job.

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