San Diego
Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My landlord had my shower floor replaced in 2004 or '05, before I moved in in 2006. Poor workmanship caused the shower floor to leak through to the unit below mine, in 2010. Again my landlord had a buddy of his do a job that was far beyond that guy's abilities, so that water doesn't drain but remains in the corners and edges. My landlord agreed to have the shower replaced whenever I requested, I did that in March, 2014, after the landlord notified me that my rent was being raised by quite a bit. When I suggested that he have the shower floor replaced first, this time legally, my landlord responded by attempting to evict me. I was able to get my Legal Aid society lawyer to convince my landlord's lawyer that I could prove that my landlord lied about why he was attempting to have me evicted. We resolved that my landlord would have to allow me to remain until the end of October, at reduced rent. For various reasons I have been unable to get out in time, but, in spite of threats, I have received no notice to vacate, or official or friendly request from my landlord about my vacating. It seems that joining Tenants Together has impacted his ability to lie, cheat or steal from me, probably aware of my civil rights regarding potential mold issues, since he hasn't had the shower floor replaced.

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