Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Hi my name is cindy and i live in the san joaquin valley and my landlord didn't tell me and my daughter that he had 101 health code violations and after i gave him the money we where moving our stuff in the apt he told us that we couldn't move are stuff in the apt because code enforcement would cut his throat if they found any one living in the apt because he they have to check first and so we asked when would code enforcement be able to check are room he said in 2 or 3 days so we waited and the 3 days it was 5 days later . now and the first day we could only put are beds and 2 bags of clothes so we ,we had to put are stuff in one of the other rooms . like he said than it rained and the ceiling had fell through and all the stuff we had in bags got it wet clothes and shoes that we just bough was drenching we and they smelled so we told him about all of are clothes and shoes getting ruined he said it wasn't his felt . he didn't sound really mean when he said it .we let that go. than we where still waiting about the toilet to get fix that was lecking all over new carpet , so had we had to go to the stores to use the bathrooms .i was clean the apartment up because it was dirty and than i was cleaning toilet up than i notice that it had a crack down the middle so we said i send the repair guy down to fix tell the new toilet comes he tried to fix but it was still leaking so he brought another one that one leak after one use to . so called him back to tell him and he told us to us the public bathrooms i told they just don't let some one use the bathroom at taco bell you have to buy something first . so he told use he would give us back the money we sent but he sunday he brought the new toilet.

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