Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

mrs woods owner lives in los angeles and her rental is in sacramento i saw the rental from the outside and decided to call her to see how much is the rent she told me can i afford 950 i said no so then she said 850 i said yes in our coversation she mentioned that the security fee will be 850 also i told her that we are on a budget and that we dont have that much so she said that she will work with us on the security fee to just send her 850 for the first months rent and we will make payments on the security fee i told her that we will need the place on sept 1st 2008 she said yes so we mailed the first months rent to her before the first of the month now when the 1st came i called her and told her now can we move in she said no that now she wants the security fee before we moved in i told her we do not have it and tht u said we can work on it we were living with someone and we needed to be out of there on the 1st she changed her mind so the person we were living with got upset cause we did not move out now we did not know what to do she didnt give us the place like she promised and we got stuck st the other apt well me and my domestic partner gets arrested for four months now my partner has a payee that sends the rent money to her we got arrested on the 15 th of sept on oct his payee send her another 600 so that is 1450 that she has of ours we get release and i called her and told her if the apt was still available she said yes so i said can we still get it she said yes so i said cool since you already have 1450 we would owe you only 250 that will cover first months rent and security she said no she wanted another 850.00 and 850 for security that that money is gone so we stupidly gave her that 1700 hundred more to move in now she wants to evict us saying we owe her money i said but you have 1450 that you never credited us can she do that and then enter our apt without 24 hour notice and the lied to us saying the apt was clean and it was dirty and dead flies and spider webs in it urine around the toilet cabinets broken carpet dirty what should i do

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