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September 3, 2008
Mobile park residents in Visalia are organizing to pass a rent control ordinance in 2010.
The California state Assembly voted to approve AB 2586, a bill that assists tenants in foreclosure. The bill is now in front of the Governor.
The Visalia Times Delta looks at the effects of foreclosures on local tenants.
Seventy-five percent of military families are renters, according to Pentagon and Army officials. Homeownership remains an elusive dream for most military families.
August 27, 2008
The Western Center reports on its court victory requiring relocation assistance to low-income tenants of the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles
This New York Daily News article gives tips to renters on avoiding rental fraud, including recent scams that utilize empty foreclosed homes.
This LA Times article looks at the impact of foreclosures on Section 8 renters.
  • Riverside
Tenants of a Santa Monica building that was previously a long-term residence of Santa Monica's former Mayor, Clo Hoover, are organizing to have the building designated as a historical landmark, thereby escaping Ellis Acts evictions.
  • Los Angeles
A Ventura County landlord is facing prosecution for the condition of her rental properties, which she rents out to farmworkers.
  • Ventura
This Daily News article is about a group of New York tenants organizing against their landlord after she attempted to impose illegal rent increases and to illegally evict tenants in her building.
Page Mill Properties, currently the subject of a class action suit by a group of East Palo Alto tenants due to the imposition of rent increases past the allowable amount of the local rent control ordinance, has refused to submit records of rent increases to city attorneys.
  • Santa Clara
This Los Angeles Daily News article focuses on efforts of Los Angeles tenant advocates to preserve low-income housing stock, which stands to be lost as many current contracts with low-income housing developers are expiring.
  • Los Angeles
According to this Contra Costa Times article, due to a weak buyers market, more and more single family homes are being rented.
  • Contra Costa
  • San Joaquin
  • Alameda
Managers and owners of a southern California apartment complex have agreed to pay $618,000 as part of a settlement to nine tenant families who were fined and threatened with eviction when their children were seen alone in the apartment complex.
  • Los Angeles
A front page San Francisco Chronicle article covers the plight of San Francisco renters affected by foreclosures and efforts to get utility companies to work with renters to maintain utility service after foreclosure.
  • San Francisco
August 12, 2008
A San Fernando jury convicted a Mission Hills man, James Anthony Rojas, of multiple criminal charges dealing with real estate, including scamming renters by renting them properties he had no connection to.
  • Los Angeles
August 9, 2008
One San Bernardino family describes their foreclosure experience.
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
This CBS news piece addresses the impact of foreclosures on the rental market in Coachella Valley.
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
A National Multi Housing Council study finds that only a small percentage of apartment rental applicants are former homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosures.
  • Orange
A Citrus Heights apartment complex has agreed to pay $70,000 as a settlement in a housing discrimination case. The apartment complex failed to accommodate a disabled tenant's disability by not providing available ground floor units.
  • Sacramento

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