Tenant organizing

Berkeley Tenants Union

The Berkeley Tenants Union is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of Berkeley renters through grassroots organizing, outreach, and policy advocacy. We believe housing is a human right and rent stabilization is Berkeley’s most effective affordable housing program. We will empower and educate tenants to preserve their right to stable, quality housing, because Berkeley is a better place to live when people from all walks of life can afford to make Berkeley their home.

Affordable Housing Network for Santa Clara county

The Affordable Housing Network’s purpose is to preserve and expand the supply of housing affordable to low-income people in our country through a program of education, empowerment, coordination, and support. Founded in 1987, AHN members include grassroots individuals and community organizations fighting to expand the supply of very low- and extremely low-income households.

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Glendale Renters Are Organizing the City's First Union for Tenants

About 15 Glendale residents — mostly renters and at least one property owner — gathered last week for the third time to form the early makings of a group called the Glendale Tenants Union, an organized voice for tenant issues to professionally counter landlords in a city where about two-thirds of its residents are renters.

The meeting was led by former Glendale City Council candidate and renter Mike Van Gorder, along with fellow renters Karen Kwak and John Bagdzhyan, in the community room at Fire Station 21, near downtown.

East L.A. Tenants Will March for Rent Protections Thursday

Renters in East LA are planning a march Thursday to demand rent control protections in unincorporated areas of LA County.

The Los Angeles Center for Community Law and Action, in conjunction with Union de Vecinos and the LA Tenants Union, is organizing the event. Leading the marchers will be Roberto Perez and Carolina Rodriguez, two East LA renters who challenged a 63 percent rent increase in court—and won. A jury decided the rent increase wasn’t justified, as the unit was “uninhabitable.”

Lawsuits' End Could Spur Other Cities to Try Rent Control

Grassroots efforts to establish rent control in more California cities could get a boost from the California Apartment Association’s decision to abandon its lawsuits seeking to overturn voter-approved rent-control laws in Richmond and Mountain View.

The association, which represents landlords, posted on its website late Friday that it has “suspended its legal efforts” to overturn Measure V in Mountain View and Measure L in Richmond.

San Jose: Renter Advocates on Hunger Strike Until Vote

After 24 hours with no food and with about 100 more to go, hunger striker Jocelin Hernandez on Saturday said it’s a small price to pay to bring attention to an issue that’s too often dodged: renters’ rights in a housing market so hot that it’s frying people out of their homes.

“This isn’t a political issue anymore — it’s a health issue,” Hernandez said. “We’ve tried everything else and are hoping this will get them to pay more attention.”

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