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For the first time in my life me & my family are now homeless. I have 6 children, 2 with special needs and a husband that is legally blind. All this came about when I questioned my landlord regarding a $40. over charge every month on my rent for the past 4 years. When they responded with it was a side payment to cover the rent contract so in other words they had me paying on the side & I am on Section 8! I told them I wanted no part of their fradulant acts and immediately contacted my HCV worker. They then took me to court for unlawful detainer.


Hi my name is Veronica and i'm in need of help and getting a lawyer. My landlord has been doing some illegal stuff around the property and as a result my PG&E got shut off. I could not put in my name or anyone elses because PG&E was requesting a legit lease from the landlord, but he would not give me one what he provided was a hand written lease stating my residence.


Ive been a victim of discrimination as well as several other acts placed against me an my family leading up to  being wrongfully kicked out based off  a breech of contract due to in accurate charges placed on ledger bill. Property manager purposly manipulated my contract by finding loop holes to try an kick me out for at least 3months straight

Landlord of Yale Park Complex Faces 100 Criminal Charges; His Lawyer Says He Won't Be Bullied

Omaha’s city prosecutor plans to file 100 criminal charges against the landlord of the Yale Park Apartments complex that was in such bad shape that 500 refugees were forced to evacuate four months ago.

Mayor Jean Stothert announced Friday that landlord Kay Anderson will face 100 misdemeanors relating to violating city code and not fixing repairs at the apartments at 34th Avenue and Lake Street after squalid conditions were found.


To keep it simple, I was living in a 4 bed 2 bath home with an office for 9 years. My 11 yr daughter and I only. I was lied to and never allowed to sign a written agreement. I was never allowed receipts to the rent i paid monthly. I only spoke and dealt with rental agent whom I learned raised the rent on me years ago without home owners knowlege. I received a 3 day notice of terminiation of tenancy 1 week before default judgment took place on august 2, 2018 with no reasons why.

Tenants, Landlord Clash Over Apartments Damaged by Leaking Roof

An East Hollywood apartment building had a stripped roof for ongoing repairs when rains hit Southern California in early December, so it's now life with water stained walls and floors, but without ceilings and cabinets for tenants.

"This is not right for us," said Matilda Castillo, who, like her neighbors, has chosen to remain, even though her unit now lacks a functioning kitchen.

Bronx Tenants Facing 'Massive Amount of Neglect' Ask Court for Building Administrator

After their landlord allegedly blew a deadline written into a legal settlement, tenants of a Soundview building are asking a court to have an administrator tackle the maintenance issues they say have been plaguing them for more than a year, including a complete lack of cooking gas, shoddy elevator service and leaks.

'Stay Away': Tenants Share Horror Stories of One of Arizona's Largest Landlords

Kathy and Kim Suszczewicz thought they would gain peace of mind when they moved into a three-bedroom rental home in a neat north Phoenix neighborhood in 2016.

The family was rebuilding from losing their life savings, car and house after Kim was diagnosed with an aggressive blood cancer that required years of treatment and lost his engineering job.

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