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Humphreys Joiner Law Group, LLP are a tenant-serving law office that addresses the following issues:

  • wrongful evictions
  • tenant harassment
  • tenant lockouts and utility shutoffs
  • owner move-in eviction
  • security deposit issues
  • San Francisco rent board petitions
  • sublease and roommate issues
  • unlawful detainer & eviction defense
  • habitability & apartment maintenance

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Landlord Pledges to Repair Bathrooms at Oakland Chinatown SRO

A group of investors who recently purchased an Oakland residential hotel — and who have been accused of harassing the tenants to drive them out of their homes — pledged in court today to immediately repair demolished bathrooms in the building.

"Construction will start immediately," said Kate Morrow, an attorney representing the investor group that purchased the building last year.

Special Report: Housing in San Bernardino

A writ of possession (eviction notice) lay on top of the kitchen counter inside apartment 44 of a multi housing complex located at 2995 Mountain Avenue in San Bernardino. Left behind were empty bottles of liquor, several packages of top-ramen soups, and graffiti with the statement, “YB Nation” scrawled on the walls throughout.

Weeks ago on June 6, the apartment’s occupant Branden Ross was evicted, according to San Bernardino County court documents. He’s among several dozen residents who have been removed by property management company MR Investments in the past year and a half.

Wolford Wayne LLP

Wolford Wayne LLP is a tenant’s rights law firm dedicated to representing Bay Area tenants. We represent tenants in wrongful eviction actions, tenant harassment, failure to repair, eviction defense and other related landlord tenant disputes. Almost all of our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only get paid when you do.

Tenants Rally for Rent Control & Just Cause to Protect Against Slumlords

Today at 4:30pm at City Hall, Concord tenants are gathering with their community to ask the city to pass policy solutions like rent control and just cause in response to rising rents and evictions. Four of the tenant-leaders have been fighting slumlord Steven Pinza for repairs and fair rents, and are now being evicted by Pinza. Tenants Together, California’s statewide organization for renters’ rights, has been assisting the tenants.

The Law Offices of Andrew Wolff, P.C.

Andrew Wolff is an attorney working on behalf of injured people and tenants suing their landlord due to the poor conditions of their rental units. His practice is focused on personal injury and landlord-tenant litigation. Mr. Wolff has practiced law for twenty years, and has extensive experience in all phases of landlord-tenant and personal injury litigation. He is well known in the non-profit community, and volunteers on behalf of low income people.

Faith in the Valley

Through a massive outreach and listening campaign, Faith in the Vally leaders have developed a comprehensive vision for change focused on

  • safe and decent housing
  • jobs and poverty
  • environmental justice
  • parks
  • police accountability
  • gun violence


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