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For the first time in my life me & my family are now homeless. I have 6 children, 2 with special needs and a husband that is legally blind. All this came about when I questioned my landlord regarding a $40. over charge every month on my rent for the past 4 years. When they responded with it was a side payment to cover the rent contract so in other words they had me paying on the side & I am on Section 8! I told them I wanted no part of their fradulant acts and immediately contacted my HCV worker. They then took me to court for unlawful detainer. I should have went in front of the judge instead of signing a stipulation of judgement because I do have receipts for the months they are saying that I did not pay rent. But being under pressure of their lawyer I signed. On the judgement it also stated that deposits were reserved for a later court date. Now my landlord won't give me a dime of deposit back & are telling other property managers that reach out for reference that I was evicted. I would like to pull a civil lawsuit on them on a lot of reasons.

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