Good day, September 1st 2013.

I live in Walnut Creek California with my wife and two sons of 14,11 year olds.
One of my sons is disabled.

Our lease agreement is coming to an end on September 1st, 2013. I found the Notice To Vacate, on my front door knob, on August 23d, there were no alternative offerings for me,2013. That leaves us seven days to vacate. School started on August 28th.
When I emailed the manager asking to renew our lease, I received the following.


The Manager here she has harassed me and treated me terrible since I moved here a year ago. As of Friday she manipulated the courts into evicting me and my 8 year old Chloe.


prior landlord and current takes from my deposit money they have to pay the Rent Board. I find it strange I have to pay the rent board. Out of $700. there is very little left. Also I do not think he is aware but taking to much for interest when asking for a raise


In January of 2012 my partner and I entered into a residential lease agreement to rent a bungalow style cottage in a quickly gentrifying section of Hollywood, known by it's residents as "East Hollywood" in an attempt to associate the neighborhood with the quality and conditions found in it's neighbor to the west, West Hollywood. Unfortunately, after signing the lease the numerous repairs and rehab issues which were on-going and promised to be completed before move in were suddenly stopped without notice.


harassment everyday banging on the door he can let anyone in the property but not us he put chains on the gate that made so hard for us tenants to go through it and if you have groceries we need some help to pass it over the fence and since from the start he is harrassing every female visitor who came to visit us.....he place is not habitable ver since and we , the tenants are the one who made it possible to live here and still not have the door on the kitchen he took out so he can come in at night he even force us to give him our room key i lost my car my job my friends and my self steem


In March of 2009 I rented an apartment at VintageWood in Fresno, California. I paid my monthly rent. I then graduated from the local University and began applying for work. I found two places of employment…on for three weeks and the other a distance from my apartment. I began to work at the second job and was gone from the apartment for 5 days at a time. My roommate was a young adult who was of age. He had friends who came to visit when I was out of town. I visited on my days off.


The actual owner of the property we stay at has recently suffered his third stroke. His "family", the individuals now claiming to care about his health and wellness effectively showed up to the property in Columbia, California FROM OREGON claiming to be the current "owners". The actual owner's son (one who has made very poor choices concerning his father and has had NO contact with him in over 6 years) called the local sherriff demanding that the three tenants currently residing at the home must go. His claim is owner occupation.


I am dealing with a nightmare of a landlord first off I moved in as a emergancy and I was advised by serveral memebers of the community that this was not a right choice and they are correct about..Since I lived there at first it was ok..


I moved into 6172 Mary Lane Dr. on July 15, 2010. I was the first of my 3 other roommates to move into the house and upon opening the front door of the house for the very first time I was greeted by a front room/dining area filled with bugs (ants, fruit flies etc.) due to a dead bird that was somehow placed inside of the house. My landlord Stala Gload had assured us that the house was clean and ready to move into.

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