In nov 2008 we find out our landlord was in default. We told him we knew and would not pay rent so we could have money for a new place. In Feb 2009 we found a new place told owners what happened they assured us that would not happen. in Jun 09 husband went on disability, we got beind in rent in Oct. Landlord served us a 3 day on 10/30(it was filled out wrong) on 10/31, four certified letters came for the owners. On 11/2 we gave them the certified letters, informed them the 3 day was invalid, and that we would not pay the rent so we could save mone for yet another place.


well i rented a home in sun city ca. almost three years into it. the owner of prop decided that he was going to save his shopping center prop instead of homes. they took six months of rent and didnt pay morgage with it. i asked for my sec deposit back they said they used it to cover any back rent i owed. i guess its ok . to do that.


I have been renting the house I'm in for 2yrs. Started getting letter in the mail for the owner of the property. House goes into forclosure in July of 09 get ahold of owner she informs me that the house is not in forclousre and everything is ok. I come home from work with the notice of Auction on my door to be sold in Oct 09. I call her agian she informs me it's not loan being handled by another bank. I call bank get the info that the auction has been postponed for Nov 2nd 09.


Hello, I have lived in this home for 15 years. There are 3 units on this property. 2 have tenants including myself for 15 years. My sister,husband and niece loved upstairs for 6 years until the roof caved in from neglect from the Landlord. My elderly Mom up until very recently lived in the Senior Home that I named.I have Multiple Sclerosis and in such Panic over all of this.I would like to find out how much time I have and how can I stay in the unit until I buy it if I can , or until a new owner buys it and can become my new Landlord that is kinder and gentle one.


We have paid our rent on time for 2 years come to find out our property that we are renting is in foreclosure and the real estate agent wants us out by the end of the month not sure what to do we lost our deposit too from the landlord. This isn't fair


I will try & keep this as short as possible. This has now happened too me TWICE!. I rented a nice home in a great neighborhood for 3 years and found out she was in Default/Foreclosure. After calling her out on the carpet, she did fess up and did tell me. Didnt help me, i am a single parent. So i desepertly searched my area for an affordable, but decent home. Finally i found one and had it checked before moving in because i did not want the same thing to happen to us again. It was clear when i signed in July.


I have lived with my family in a 2-apt duplex for seven years and have never once been late on my rent. Every repair that needed done, I had to get County Code Enforcement involved. I came home one day a few weeks ago to have my daughter advise me a Man from a company came out to verify residency. My teenaged daughter did not initially answer the door because she did not know who the Man was. The Man then proceeded to acknowledge her open bedroom window and removed her screen to look through her mini-blinds to see if anyone was living here.


We rent a home March 2009. In April 2009 a Notice of Trustee sale was posted & mailed to the property (3 bed room single family home) We advised the landlord. He claims nothing to worry about. We paid him April & May's rent. We had no contact with him during the being June 2009. We attempt to contact him to pay rent & question about the NOS. June, 21 request to inspect was a no show from him. July 5 we attempt to contact him, still no contact. July 13 we received Unlawful detainer. During the month of June we assumed he abandon the property due to the NOS.


yes please help this prop. went from default all the way to auction by the new bank that remove his and file a change of trustee also so the new beneficiary bank contact me by phone telling me that after the auction date they will send a letter of eviction landlord still on paper so he still want to collect rent I stop rent he send me to court on 28 of this month 4 units they all gone I'm the only tenant left on the prop.


Well, after repeatedly asking our landlord if the home was in danger of foreclosure and being assured that he was refinancing and it would "all be handled", my kids came home from school to find a notice of trustee sale on our door yesterday. It says the home will be auctioned on 9/1/09 which is barely 2 weeks away. With the rental market in our area being extremely competitive I am at a loss as to what to do. We called our landlord and he still tried to act like everything was fine and would be handled, but advised that he no longer felt comfortable taking rent from us!!

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