Hello , My husband and I are in need of some advice or legal services regarding the place we rented . We rented an apartment that is a converted garage we were charged 1st ,last & security with $100 of it nonrefundable we also pay 1/2 of utilities & trash the owners agent who lives in the house pays the other 1/2 . Well we moved in to the apartment and lived in it about 1 month when the city came and said the apartment was an illegal conversion, built without permits which we were not aware of and apparently it was not legal for the owner to rent it out .

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities administers the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) when they receive funding. The EFSP offers one month's rent or mortgage payment, and/or one month's utility bill for qualified residents of Fresno County.

Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC)

The scope of service provided by Fresno EOC consists of almost all facets of human services and economic development:

  • crisis intervention (emergency shelter for youth and families)
  • pre-school education
  • vocational training
  • youth recreation
  • senior citizen hot meal services
  • energy conservation education
  • preventive health care
  • prenatal nutrition education
  • vocational counseling
  • job placement services

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I am going to court on Dec.20 which means if i loose i will be put out in the street on Christmas day.I am disabled and have no family in CA to help me.Leagal aid wrote up my response for the unlawful detainer and had my court fees waived, but then they said we can't go to court with you they didn't even know the date yet but said they had no one available to go with me. I went to my first tenants together meeting last mth and they helped me alot and i'm going on the 19th but i don't think they will have anyone to go to court with me i called them and then missed their callback.


I am a 2 1/2 year resident and have continued repair neglect. The home owner has had various managers, all have ignored repair issues. I have finally gotten angry enough to push for immediate repairs and have been met with frustration and resistance by the current property manager. There are safety issues, mold issues, electrical issues, heating issues, mice/rat & roach issues, parking issues, plumbing issues. I need help dealing with the property manager that stated today she would ignore my complaints and requests.


i wrote to the president obama and then sent e-mails to local tv stations telling them about people laying up here dead so now they are evicting me for cursing the security for banging on my door after 9pm. they had the eviction drawn up while i was having surgery to see if i had stomache cancer have 2nd surger 11/13/13 i am mentally and physically disabled and am supposed to be out by nov 20. i have no where to go i talked to a lawyer he wants 700$ i live on ssi and ssa i don't have 700 bucks laying around.


Not sure where to start but here it goes. We were living in Oakhurst California we rented property with 2 homes on it my mother and my 3 handicap younger siblings lived in 1 house and my husband and myself and his disabled brother were going to live in the other which we soon found out that wouldn't be possible due to the condition of my younger brother who was on hospice and had to be monitored 24/7 and my elderly mother wanted us in her home at all times especially at night because she was afraid besides the fact she could barely walk.


The unit was infested with vermin to the point I had to move. Before moving the situation was so bad I could not sleep there. I obtained a safe place to live and moved out. Before moving out I had to sleep in my truck for several days. The vermin included, cockroaches, bedbugs and body bugs. No matter how hard I cleaned or the many times I bathed, the problem was not resolved.

I was sick for four months and spent a considerable amount of money trying to get rid of the problem. I am still trying to cope and will need further medical care.

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