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2 units
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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Not sure where to start but here it goes. We were living in Oakhurst California we rented property with 2 homes on it my mother and my 3 handicap younger siblings lived in 1 house and my husband and myself and his disabled brother were going to live in the other which we soon found out that wouldn't be possible due to the condition of my younger brother who was on hospice and had to be monitored 24/7 and my elderly mother wanted us in her home at all times especially at night because she was afraid besides the fact she could barely walk. So we moved everything we owned into house #2 and resided in house #1 while paying rent on both homes $1,600 per month to my brother who owns the property now I will get to the reason why we paid both rents and what took place . Eight years Pryor to this my older sisters husband died from cancer at age 54 and that's when it all began , from that point on my mother paid for everything and anything that related to my sister with social security funds which belonged to my 3 younger very disabled a siblings & elderly mother which totaled about $5.000 monthly. I was so busy caring for my brother , mom & 2 sisters I didn't notice how much my older sister was taking from them until July 2012, that's when I lost my bestfriend my little brother as I watched him take his last breath. It took me a couple months to pull myself together in silence keeping my emotions quiet as mom was devastated over my brothers loss so I had to keep my loss to myself because I need to function to care my mom & sisters. I noticed it very soon my older sister would show up every month between the 1st & the 3rd you could set your watch by it and she'd leave usually right after mom went to the bank her car would be jammed packed with things mom bought including ice chests full of food and cash in hand to pay for her gas , car insurance , makeup , hair dye , cell phone bill , clothes etc . This occured every single month until mom was broke usually before the second week into the month to the point that my husband and myself were having to hand money to mom so she could give it to my sister for whatever she needed it for . Eventually I got so upset watching mom cry and be depressed month after month I finally had enough of the financial abuse and the emotional and physical abuse of my younger sister Jody who has austisum . My older sister Pam hates Jody because of her disability but also uses her disability to make Jody her personal slave when she comes to the house and also Pams oldest son & his wife use Jody to clean there house every weekend even if she's sick . Finally in November 2012 I had seen enough I told my sister to get a job or I would turn her in for elder & disabled financial & mental & phyisical abuse and when her son showed up that Saturday morning to pick Jody up so she could clean his house (while his wife was in bed with a hangover ) I put my foot down and said "sorry but slavery ended a long time ago Jodys not cleaning your dirty house anymore ") he got mad and stormed out and Pam was also very mad at me for giving her an ultimatum. A couple of weeks went by without any signs of Pam or her adult children matter of fact when Christmas came my Mom didn't get so much of a phone call from them because she was being punished for not intervening on pams behalf. We spent a quiet Christmas with us mom and Karen & Jody and my husbands brother , I gave my mom a locket with some of my brothers ashes in it she cried but she love end it . Then a week or so later it started first a sheriff knocks at the door to do a welfare check on mom due to a phone call telling the sheriff we were abusing her, he talked to her for a minute and left saying " someone wasted my dam time " as he was walking out the door he was not pleased , I think this happened a couple more times. Then a week later an Adult Protection worker shows up with the same complaint and again mom tells her nothing is wrong but the worker comes back once a week for 3 weeks and every time things are just fine. Apparently Pam has gotten friends of hers to make calls to report abuse and a married sheriff who works in the same county also makes complaints of abuse mind you he has never been to the house or met mom nor myself but he is having an ongoing affair with Pam for the past 2+ years unknown to his wife who's also a sheriff. Then on january 30 2013 the APS worker shows up again telling mom she has to go with her so she can talk to her in private while the hole time mom is saying No I don't want to go anywhere, we tell her we will go outside so she can ask my mom questions but the worked says no we have to talk in private so that's when I push the record button on my laptop sitting on the counter and it records several minutes of the worker raising her voice at my 89 year old mother trying to force her to go with her to the point if emotion abuse. Finally mom says yes to just sitting outside in the workers car to talk ( mind you its maybe 40° outside) and snow on the ground, so mom with her walker goes to the car and gets in the worker closes the door gets in then drives away with mom against her will. Several hours go by its getting dark and I'm worried sick my husband calls the workers office and is told we have no worker by that name, I'm in a panic !He calls back and yet another story, come to find out the worker took my to a location where Pam and my 2 older brothers were where it apparently took well over 6 hours to get her to say " I'm afraid of." About 7:00pm I go outside to smoke as I'm standing there a car goes down the street its lights shining on the mailboxes where I see a man standing there looking at me then he starts chasing me he's got a shinny object in his hand I turn to run and fall injuring my hip and cutting my leg I get up and run into the house screaming crying I call 911 while my husband goes outside gun in hand. I describe the man to 911 light color shorts dark long sleeve shirt bald and a beard stocky build they said were on our way. During the 20+ minutes waiting for the police to show up I tell my husband " if I didn't know better I could swear the man chasing me was Bob / our landlord / my brother . Cops finally show up instantly they go towards my sons car because there is a guy in it who's on probation and spend about an hour with that finally an officer comes over to me and says " I'm not here to respond to your 911 call " as he hands us each a paper its a EPO emergency protective order and says you have 5 minutes to leave . At that point I'm stunned beyond belief he keeps threatining me if I say one word he's going to arrest me, keep in mind I'm 56 and have never had so much as a traffic ticket in my life . I was not allowed to get hardly any clothes NO medicine for my heart ( I have a pacemaker and died 3 times ) could not go next door to house #2 to get my dogs and was told we couldn't come back for 8 days. I asked him " why can't we just go next door its a separate residence" he said NO. We got in our car it was 2 days before we got our social security checks because we are disabled and it was very cold and snowing , my husband his brother and myself lived in our car for the next 2 days waiting until we got paid suffering from exposure to the cold not enough gas to keep the car running for the heater no money for food . Right before we left the house I open the front door and there he was my brother he was wearing light color shorts a dark long sleeve shirt shaved head & beard ! I was right he was the man chasing me my brother / landlord . I told the cop and the cop said " he did nothing illegal" I called the detective he said the same thing. All this because I tried to stop Pam from the financial , emotion & physical abuse . Now ages lives in the same house with them keeping my now 90 year old mother isolated and has control over there money and I don't even want to think about what my sisters Karen & Jody are going through. One week after we had to leave Pam called the SPCA telling them our " abandoned dogs need to be taken " and my beautiful horse is now dead , he was starved , no water , they took his insulated waterproof blanket off him and he went down laying in freezing water , urine soaked , feces covered with snow until he was to weak to get up so he was drug into the SPCA's trailer and had to be out down immediatly which they got away with so far and I don't know why , The EPO they had gotten , was never made permanent because the judge said they had nothing no proof of there alligations. Its been 10 months we are still homeless all of our belongings including a 38' motorhome is still there and they won't let us have our things . That is my Story .. Thank You

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