Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Government Subsidized

I am going to court on Dec.20 which means if i loose i will be put out in the street on Christmas day.I am disabled and have no family in CA to help me.Leagal aid wrote up my response for the unlawful detainer and had my court fees waived, but then they said we can't go to court with you they didn't even know the date yet but said they had no one available to go with me. I went to my first tenants together meeting last mth and they helped me alot and i'm going on the 19th but i don't think they will have anyone to go to court with me i called them and then missed their callback. I am very ill but have drug myself out to look for housing at least 3 days a week and as i'm on a fixed income i can't afford anything. All this is retaliation for writing a letter and reporting them for leaving dead people to rot. and trying to get the other tenants to stand up for themselves. The managers husband who is the head guard told the guards they could not sign anything for me saying they don't have issues with me but on my eviction papers it says i harrass the guards. they did not even give me enough time to supeona people cuz by the time i got the court date its was only today. So if anyone out there can come up with something to help me it sure would be a Godsend.

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