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I am a victim of a fire while staying in on of JD Home rental apts back on 08/30/1998. There was no smoke alarms in the apt units and my 5 kids and I almost lost or lives be hind it. I lost everything, things that can NEVER be replaced. Like my kids baby pictures. I want compensation for my loss. I still have pictures and the original fire report from that morning. I thank god everyday for the man that threw the chair through my patio window and woke me up. my kids room was full of smoke..

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Hello, My name is Jackie Blair, I am a widow and currently disabled because of a lung disease. I had to move out of my previous apartment because the landlord sold the property. I only get disability payments and my husbands small pension from Veterans Affairs, and I am on section 8 housing assistance. There was just not any safe places for me to move to, most were in crime ridden neighborhoods.


I have been renting the house I'm in for 2yrs. Started getting letter in the mail for the owner of the property. House goes into forclosure in July of 09 get ahold of owner she informs me that the house is not in forclousre and everything is ok. I come home from work with the notice of Auction on my door to be sold in Oct 09. I call her agian she informs me it's not loan being handled by another bank. I call bank get the info that the auction has been postponed for Nov 2nd 09.


I am choosing to write about the diverse challenges that central valley residents tend to encounter. I have rented in California for over 25 years. In that time, I have always encountered a loss of security deposits for many reasons, most fabricated lies by the owner/landlord. I have tried to contest these thieves repeatedly with no success or laws to protect me. They steal the money, simply stated.


my wife and I rented a house jan. 2009 before renting I checked to see if the house was in foreclosure if was not this was in jan. 2009. we moved in and by July 2009 we found out that the house is in foreclosure my question is after the bank takes back the house do I still have to pay the former owner rent.

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