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Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus

The mission of Advancing Justice - ALC is to promote, advance, and represent the legal and civil rights of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities. Recognizing that social, economic, political and racial inequalities continue to exist in the United States, Advancing Justice - ALC is committed to the pursuit of equality and justice for all sectors of our society, with a specific focus directed toward addressing the needs of low-income, immigrant and underserved APIs.

IMPACT Development Group

IMPACT represents community development organizations, land trusts, and other providers of affordable housing. We also represent groups of tenants buying their apartment buildings. We are real estate professionals, measuring success by the affordable units our clients create, through conversion of existing “market rate” buildings or by new construction. Our role is to assist our clients in buying real estate. 

We see clients by appointment, and often we come to see clients at their unit when we are working with them.

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Mosbrucker & Foran

The law firm of Mosbrucker & Foran specializes in lawsuits involving wrongful evictions, Costa-Hawkins disputes and other excessive rent increases, illegal rental units, landlord harassment, and substandard living conditions. 

Most of the work we do for tenants is on a contingency fee basis. This means we don’t get paid until and unless you get paid, in which case we get a percentage of the total recovery. This only applies where the tenant is initiating a lawsuit in Superior Court.

Causa Justa :: Just Cause (SF OFFICE)

Causa Justa :: Just Cause (CJJC) is a multi-racial, grassroots organization building community leadership to achieve justice for low-income San Francisco and Oakland residents. We have a Tenant Rights Clinic that serves low-income Spanish-speaking tenants of San Francisco. It is the only tenant counseling service that offers this type of language support.


I believe this the organization, that kept me in my unit, for which I lived for 25 years.

Without a stipend from your organization, I would either have ended up in a single room (SRO) or homeless.

Housing Equality Law Project (HELP)

HELP seeks to expand legal protections in fair housing through its advocacy, leadership training, education and outreach, and enforcement of anti-discrimination laws. Its services include:

1) Client Representation

  • Housing discrimination investigations
  • Counseling
  • Mediation
  • Representation in administrative hearings

2) Training Services

  • Inform housing providers of their legal duties

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I live in one of the towers at Parkmerced and have Never been treated so horribly and unfairly. After unsuccessfully being contacted after a rent check bounced, we were served a 3 day notice dated on March 10th,at least 5 days Before we even received it. We left the apartment on March 15th and had yet to receive any notices. Upon returning home from my wedding on the 19th we find the notice and immediately submit our check to the Parkmerced accounting team. Two weeks go by and the check is not cashed.


Currently I am filing an Appeal Brief in the SF Appellate Division re: 37.9(b) owner occupied section of the Ord. I was evicted in June 2009 by a 30 Day "no cause" eviction notice. I challenged it cross MSJ were filed -- because I am told I am a just cause tenant 37.9(a) but Court ruled contrary to the Ord and state law.

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