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I applied for an apt in Oakland and gave the management company the "holders fee". The unit was not ready on time due to construction and City inspections overdue. I told them that i wanted my holders fee back and they refused saying that the form i had signed was binding and their policy meant i had to lose the money if i opted out of the apt. So i went to Tenants Together and they helped me so much. I learned that their policy was illegal and i had the right to file a small claims if they still refused to give me the money back.


I just wanted to state how ridiculous the prices in the San Francisco renting market is. Someone that is living on their own is basically having to pay 1600 for a small 1 bedroom. Most of these places do not even constitute as a 1 bedroom and also are illegal-landlord just takes cash and or it is a room that was built without permits. Some are so hidious and dirty with extremly old appliances and electrical sockets.Who can one complain to?


Parkmerced one of the largest rental apartment communities in SF, recently received a nomination as a "marvel of modernism" by the cultural landscape foundation. ( The recent changes by the current owner, and sales of land to San Francisco State University ( which approved changes to the overall prior masterplanned development of parkmerced through the use of a programattic EIR, vs.

AIDS Legal Referral Panel

ALRP’s mission is to help people with HIV/AIDS maintain or improve their health by resolving their legal issues. ALRP accomplishes this mission by providing free and low-cost legal services (Education and assistance) to people with HIV/AIDS in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Our landlord has been "ok" with most things. He has, however, been very lax about fixing things. In fact, so lax, that 3 years went by before he purchased a new fan for above the stove. He never cleans the common space. The carpet in the common space is the same carpet since the 70's, and it clearly hasn't been washed since then.


Skyline Realty/CitiApartments is one of the largest residential landlords in San Francisco. They have a long record of intimidation of tenants, failure to fix building code violations, and many other illegal activities. (See for an overview, including links to media coverage.)

San Francisco Rent Board

The San Francisco Rent Ordinance (SF Administrative Code, Chapter 37) was enacted effective June 13, 1979 by the Board Of Supervisors and signed by the Mayor as emergency legislation to alleviate the city's housing crisis. 
The Rent Board has the authority to:
1) Promulgate Rules and Regulations to effectuate the purposes of the Rent Ordinance
2) Hire staff, including administrative law judges
3) Conduct rental arbitration, or mediation hearings.


This past Fall I was looking for a place in San Francisco with a couple friends of mine. We were looking for something affordable, but all had steady jobs and so were fairly flexible in how much we could pay. Plus we were looking for a place with two or three bedrooms knowing we were going to have to most-likely bring in other housemates besides the three of us.


I moved into an apartment and lived there for about nine months with three others. Everyone got along great for a while, but one of my roommates, whom I had known for about three years previous to moving in, was very reluctant to discuss certain details of our apartment. She had lived there for considerably longer than everyone else. She was also the only person on the lease at the time when I moved in, although I personally never got on the lease, which was fine by me.


My landlord continues to use the bottom floor of our apartment, illegally converted into a separate unit, as a party space. They are drunk and loud and have ruined our garden in the back yard. They forget to pay the electricity on a regular basis. We have already had our power shut off once because of this, and on several times only avoided a shut off because one of us happened to be home. Whenever we call them on their unprofessional and lax behavior, they become vicious and threatening.

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