San Francisco

Humphreys Joiner Law Group, LLP

Humphreys Joiner Law Group, LLP are a tenant-serving law office that addresses the following issues:

  • wrongful evictions
  • tenant harassment
  • tenant lockouts and utility shutoffs
  • owner move-in eviction
  • security deposit issues
  • San Francisco rent board petitions
  • sublease and roommate issues
  • unlawful detainer & eviction defense
  • habitability & apartment maintenance

Free initial consultation and case review

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Hamilton Families

Hamilton Families is San Francisco’s leading service provider to homeless families, with carefully designed programs to prevent homelessness, provide shelter and stability, return families to permanent housing and support the well-being of children experiencing homelessness.


1) Hamilton Shelter Program

  • Safe shelter
  • 3 meals a day
  • Critical social services

2) Hamilton Transitional Housing (San Francisco & East Bay)

Wolford Wayne LLP

Wolford Wayne LLP is a tenant’s rights law firm dedicated to representing Bay Area tenants. We represent tenants in wrongful eviction actions, tenant harassment, failure to repair, eviction defense and other related landlord tenant disputes. Almost all of our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only get paid when you do.


Tenants are not at the mercy of their landlords. We represent tenants and fight for their rights. We offer a free fifteen minute consultation and frequently represent tenants on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you pay no attorneys fees to us unless we get a settlement or judgment for you. No attorney-client relationship is established between you and PJC Law unless and until you sign a written attorney-client agreement.

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The largest no fault eviction since the I Hotel in the 70's, or so we are told, enters phase 4. We have stood up in the face of corruption and flagrant speculation because we feel like greed and power have influenced the code enforcement process. Search google for 1049 Market 94103.


I am a senior with limited income. My spouse is unable to work also but doesn't qualify for Social Security. So my income which is under $35,000 has support 2 people. With the cost of living increases around the Bay Area my money does not seem stretch to end of month. The renters rebate would be helpful. I feel that we deserve it and it is unfair that because we rent we don't get the benefits that homeowners get. Therefore, government should reinstate the renters rebate.


Currently I am in a position to where I don't know which way to turn.My life has not been the same.I have been fighting a case that never existed,2011 November around the 27th I recieved a summons from a guy.I never understood it because my rent was paid and what they were saying wasn't true. So I ended up going to see the manager bout the issue and I had the proof of the money orders but to nip it in the bud I tracked them down also.

Help build power for renters' rights: