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Project Sentinel assists individuals with housing problems such as discrimination, mortgage foreclosure & delinquency, rental issues including repairs, deposits, privacy, dispute resolution, home buyer education, post purchase education and reverse mortgages. 

Modesto Office, Housing Discrimination:

Project Sentinel's Fair Housing Center provides education and counseling to community members, housing providers, and tenants about fair housing laws. We also investigate complaints and advocate for those who have experienced housing discrimination.


I lost my home of 15 yrs in Ceres in 2008. Moved into a rental in Modesto,Ca. till March 2011 when the landlord foreclosed on the home while taking rent from us. We had to move. My wife and I with our two sons, entered a rental agreement of a 3 bedroom,2 bath home in April 2011 in Ceres,Ca. from a senior couple. Those familiar with the public school system,in order for my kids to remain with their classmates, we have to live in a certain district. So this home was in the district we needed. A very nice home in a court.1100 deposit, 1100 per month.


I've worked on and off with Tenants Together up until the notices. I am not sure how many or what number I'm on. Today after calling multiple times a month to stay in the know, I was advised the LL filed a proof of service. I called on Wed morning and paper were filed later that evening. so when I called to inquire if anything was filed since I have not been served and the date LL advised she served me was on 5/14. All I could do was cry, I had done everything in my power call because the LL attempted to do the same to previous tenants.


We rented a 2 bdrm apartment for a little 2 years. After we moved out we were charged various fees for supposed damages. We gave our 30 days noticeIin aug 31 and start moving out sep 15. Then we left for vacation for a week coming back to finish cleaning the apartment by the 30. We received a letter stating that they charge us 600 for cleaning the apartment and 1300 for carpets.we left the apartment clean.


The landlords lost their house to Fanie Mae. And the started to make our life hard and did not give us a fair cash for keys and started eviction process agints us .


Well we had called the property managment to tell them that our bath tub was cloged and they said that if it was our fault that we would get charged for it, but i did not think that was right and then we got a letter in the mail stating that they are charging me 105.00 for snaking out the drain, also we have been telling them that this place has a cochroch and mice problem and they told us that if they send someone out that they will charge us and we did not let them do that and we are trying to do it our selves so we are afried to tell them about anything that is wrong with the place and t


I have lived here for 5 1/2 years, the house foreclosed, the bank took over, today a real estate agent came out and gave me an option paper and wants me out before Christmas!! I am disabled and have two disabled sons. We are afraid we will be on the street!!! Where can we get help?!!?

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