Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I've worked on and off with Tenants Together up until the notices. I am not sure how many or what number I'm on. Today after calling multiple times a month to stay in the know, I was advised the LL filed a proof of service. I called on Wed morning and paper were filed later that evening. so when I called to inquire if anything was filed since I have not been served and the date LL advised she served me was on 5/14. All I could do was cry, I had done everything in my power call because the LL attempted to do the same to previous tenants. Now forced with no help because my Stanislaus county only has on place to help who only helps if you're on sections 8, or in subsidized housing. I contacted the agent who is the seller of the property to ask when the LL was sending to repair the 2busted windows, the first was done the same night the LL came to the property and tried to throw a car jack threw the window and another from an attempted break in, and to also adcised the the pacth work don't on a broken pipe was leaking yet again causing my water bill to be $250 a month and growning. Her response was she was not the property manager, she informed her client and an offer was approved for a buyer but they were not purchasing the home with a tenant living inside. I explained to her the continued harassment from her client was so severe shortly after I was rushed to the hospital from and anxiety attack so bad it left me paralyzed on one side for nearly two days I lost one of my jobs, my 2nd job cut allhours complelety and the day they called me in to work I was speaking with the police officers for yet another visit from the landlords trying to kick the door in and lastly the 3rd job that I've now only been able to work 25hrs a weeks on min wage. I call lawyers, attorney any someone please help, no pro bono lawyers in my county and not help if you don't have $50-$200 to speak to someone for 30 minutes. Now I'm in phase two writ to possession was given on the 21st when LL submitted false documents claiming she served me. Now I' faced with just taking what I can put in my car al leavning, where oonly God knows. It's happened before when I was 5months pergenant only that time I was lied to, person told me it was her apartment, and it was not, it belonged her her boyfriend. His family came to get his belonges and I was not on the lease so I had to go. Man God had me that night. I wondered into a garage and the guy said he didn't live the but the teenagers were in the house. They came out I explained I was 5months pregnant, lost and hungry no money or no where to go. They took me in feed me allowed me to sleep on there couch. The next day put me in a hotel until I was able to call someone. What I won't give to have the opportunity to thank them again. I delivered a healthy baby girl, straight A-B student who graduated from high school and attends Los Positas and wants to be a heart surgeon, blessed. So you see God has a plan and he see all. So if I don't get help legally and the LL is successfully of her fraudulent moves,after all this is the same person who sends a picture displaying all the money she took from me in rent they she stated she never intended to pay her mortgage with, or yes the same person who initiates a verbal contract to offer a room for rent then serves a notice for breaking the lease and not give credit on the notice and the agent who turns a blind eye for the commission, God will make a way when you see no way. God Blessed me to be strong and keep the faith. IF my story can help one person to take a stand on what we as tenants are entitled to then I have done something to help someone and to me regardless of my pain hurt and struggle, sending pass love is what God wants me to do, and I will be ok.

God Bless♥

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