Residence Type: 
10-19 units
Landlord Type: 

Well we had called the property managment to tell them that our bath tub was cloged and they said that if it was our fault that we would get charged for it, but i did not think that was right and then we got a letter in the mail stating that they are charging me 105.00 for snaking out the drain, also we have been telling them that this place has a cochroch and mice problem and they told us that if they send someone out that they will charge us and we did not let them do that and we are trying to do it our selves so we are afried to tell them about anything that is wrong with the place and trying to get help for it. We are also woried about our children they are young six and two yeas old and the bugs are crawling over them at night we are woried about there health

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