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Thursday, November 5, 2015
Tenants Together

Declaring a #RenterStateOfEmergency, Tenants Push for Rent Control
Today, Tenants Together, California’s statewide organization for renters’ rights, is declaring a #RenterStateOfEmergency in response to tenant demands for rent control all over the state, and releasing a rent control toolkit for California cities. The toolkit is available online at www.TenantsTogether.org/RentControlToolkit. The toolkit synthesizes the legal, organizing and policy expertise of Tenants Together staff, volunteers, members, and member organizations on the issue of rent control. The toolkit includes a model rent control ordinance, details on the policy, sample flyers and petitions, and more. Tenants are also participating today in an online day of action on Twitter and Facebook and sharing stories of displacement using the hashtag #rentcontrol.

“Rent control is a successful and cost-effective way for cities to prevent displacement and stabilize neighborhoods,” said Dean Preston, founder and Executive Director of Tenants Together, California’s statewide organization for renters’ rights. “As more and more cities look to rent control to stop unfair rent hikes and displacement, we hope the tools we are releasing will help educate advocates, media, politicians, and the public about how rent control really works.”

The release of the toolkit and online day of action comes on the heels of a bloody battle last night in the City of Alameda as tenants clamored to have their voice heard about rent control. An estimated 200 Alameda renters went to their city council to demand an end to rent hikes and displacement. Police used heavy handed tactics to silence tenants, but tenants prevailed in securing temporary rent increase caps as they push forward for permanent rent control. We are proud of The Alameda Renters Coalition, a member organization of Tenants Together, and all of the Alameda residents who went to City Hall to take a stand against unregulated rents and evictions. The time for rent control in Alameda and other cities is now.

The struggle for real regulations on rent increases and evictions is an uphill battle, but Tenants Together is committed to supporting renters fighting to stay in their communities.

Check www.TenantsTogether.org/RentContolToolkit for more information or sign up for alerts at www.TenantsTogether.org.

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