Governor: Stop Playing Politics with Desperately Needed Affordable Housing Funds

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Californians for Affordable Housing

It's likely the Governor's developer giveaway to streamline 80-90% market-rate housing construction is no longer moving forward due to fierce opposition from affordable housing advocates, environmentalists, labor unions, tenants, and more than 60 Californians for Affordable Housing organizations (including Tenants Together) who’ve been left out of negotiations with the governor’s office. The Governor's office has not confirmed they are giving up on by-right, but the deadline to move forward is the end of August.

Now Californians for Affordable Housing, an umbrella network of grassroots groups who fight for affordable homes and renters' rights at the state and local level, is calling on Governor Brown and legislative leaders to move ahead on investing $400 million to build new apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes affordable to Californians living on modest budgets.

The state budget passed in June set-aside $400 million for this purpose, contingent on reaching an agreement on the Governor’s “by-right” housing proposal. Now, little time remains in the legislative session to negotiate such a complex policy.  

Combined with federal resources, the $400 million could build 4,000 new apartments with deed restrictions that guarantee their affordability for 55 years. More than 8,200 construction jobs and 1,680 permanent jobs would result.    

Call and write to Governor Brown today and tell him to stop playing politics with California's housing crisis, release the $400 million for affordable homes despite being unable to reach a deal on his by-right development plan.

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