Citrus Heights
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

in october 2002, 6mos after meeting my boyfriend his parents asked us if we wanted to move into their house that they were moving out of since they were retiring. we were in an apartment at the time and agreed to move in. HUGE MISTAKE ON MY PART. ever since i have had problems with him and his family especially on ocasions when law enforcement was involved. being as it was his/his parents house, i was always the one who had 5 minutes to pack a bag and leave. on one occasion i had my own place for almost 2 years he would cause some drama and i was asked to leave. since he is native american and tribe owns a casino, he didnt work and has everything handed down to him. so it didnt matter when it wasnt him getting fired from his job and kicked out of his place. because he didnt have to start all over again and deal with being homeless. so i would find myself going back there more times than i care to try and remember. finally a few years ago his parents defaulted on their loan after taking a 2nd out on the house we lived in which made payments from $800 to almost $2000 when the market crashed. in december 2012, the house was sold to a bank in a foreclosure auction. by this time he had already applied/been approved for a new house that was being built on his reservation and so in march 2013, he moved into his new 4 bedroom house built for him and his girlfriend (absent now for a short time) and even stole my dogs and just left me in the REO property and said maybe ill get cash for keys. however, he left some sentimental possessions that belong to his parents in the house so he has reason to come and harass me. Since then, i have cleaned up the outside of the property which have included compliments on how good the place looks. that is, until he showed up finally after 2 months and broke out a window next to the front door (i assume to make it look like i broke in and dont have permission to be there). he shows up uninvited or announced yelling, honking his horn and making huge scenes outside. he cut down a beautiful chandalier and sold it, broke the garage door TWICE and took the garge door opener and continues to damage/destroy the property/my personal items and then leaves when i get on the phone with law enforcement. he drives right back to his house on his reservation where he is untouchable and never has to pay for his actions. then some days he comes over and tries to LOVE me and is totally cool. Then on may 28th, i get served with a NOTICE TO QUITE and NOTICE TO VACATE. it apparently is from an attorney at a law firm in Rancho Cucamonga claiming to represent the bank/lender. there are a bunch of red flags about it though. first it says the trustee sale of deed is recorded in RIVERSIDE County.. ..for property in SACRAMENTO? it was faxed hence the fax machine info on the top of the pages. pages 1&2 are missing. there is no rent amount or whom to pay rent to on the notice to quit, no info of the bank/lender other than Capital One N.A. and the only 2 signatures dont even match eachother. i have talked to a lot of people who have done the "CASH FOR KEYS" PROGRAM and none have ever dealt with an attorney representing the bank/lender. so after looking up the Civil Codes that are listed in the notices, im pretty sure that my ex boyfriend and his mother are behind all of this. which explains EVERYTHING he has been doing the past few months in regards to BEING A NUISANCE and DESTROYING PROPERTY. this is so that MOMMY can make true FALSE claims in a complaint to evict me. Ive no idea if the papers are fake, or who this attorney REALLY represents. all i know is that ive been at this residence for about 11 years, and im the only one who this foreclosure is affecting (besides my ex's dad and his credit) and ive no where to go and dont know what else to do. none of this is fair (TO ME) but IF ANYONE CAN LEARN FROM MY SITUATION.. IM GLAD THAT MY STRUGGLES AND HARDSHIPS HELP SOMEONE< ANYONE FROM THE SAME THING. i hope that my situation can be taken into consideration when making new laws or making provisions to already existing ones which affect family, civil, probate, real estate law/codes/procedures as well as individual rights. when it comes to native american/tribal law.. there are all sorts of rights and protections for them and punishment for crimes inflicted upon them. but what about non-native americans who cohabit or are a spouse to a native american who commit crimes against people on or off tribal land? there need to be more enforcement concerning the laws governing tribes and more rights and protection for non-indian people, women especially, as well as resources and help for women who are in intimate relationships with a native indian who have available to them, financial means as a way to financialy abuse women. i hope my story will put some things into perspective for many people out there especially those who serve to make a difference.
thank you

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