Residence Type: 
5-9 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I rented a 2br apt from JD Home Rentals in Fresno, CA. I lived there for 5 years; always paying my rent on time. Always. If it were not for the low rent, I would never live in such a horrible place managed by such horrible, unlawful, and flat out uncaring individuals; including and especially their attorney. If I were to list all of the ways they "wronged" me, I might as well be writing a novel(non-fiction, of course). There were mice and cockroaches; many, many cockroaches. I complained many times to deaf ears. The ceiling in the bathroom above the tub/shower was thick and black with mold. They "fixed it" by spraying bleach water on it. The upstairs bathroom leaked down into mine, eventually causing the ceiling to fall in. The hot water faucet broke off causing it to pour out of the faucet full blast. It took 7 days for them to come and fix it. They took over half of my rent one month for supposed fence repairs; and then gave me a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. On advice from Fair Housing, I wrote a letter demanding return of my rent money or I would sue them. That's when the real nightmare began. After many months of court dates and harassment, they finally evicted me; but only because their lawyer is a corrupt slimebag. The reason for evicting me was for non payment of rent, (separate from the fence incident; I ended up paying the money). I still have the rent receipt; stamped by them, no less; and a copy of the receipt and the original envelope that they sent it to me in. I have many documents and many pictures, but still I and my 4 children were kicked out on the street. We now live in somebody's garage with no heat. The eviction has made it next to impossible to find a home for us. I recently saw a news report about JD Home Rentals, and it got me all stirred up again. I wonder if there is anything I can do at this point; or maybe a lawsuit I can jump into. I already tried Central Valley Legal Services no less than 3 separate times; they would not help. I guess I'm hoping that maybe the "right" person will read this and give me a helping hand. Or, at the very least, warn any potential renters about this unscrupulous slumlord.

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