Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Government Subsidized
tenants together

Management made financial errors on my lease during move in costs, knowingly. Would not correct. My apartment was not repaired or cleaned by move in date. I had to wait 10 more days while they were supposed to finish, but they didn't, and I was paying rent at 2 places while this was happening. The apt. Was.still not entirely cleaned. I began getting cuts in my eyes (hemotomas) due to dirt flying out of vents into my eyes. Two visits to ER & I decided to look inside vents& found 2 inches of dirt, dust, dead bugs & particles...I cleaned & swept & vacuumed & wet mopped all three vents, then bought vent filter & put these behind metal vents to trap dirt and dust. I am disabled with polio& fibro myalgia, spine fractures & I had to do this myself ..maintainence would not. I repeatedly tried to get a refund on my 10 days rent & food program costs when the apt. Was not ready for move in...Constantly ignored me or refused..Our cooling system was not cooling adequately & they refused to fix it. 85 degrees to 90 plus with cooling on is dangerous... Management ignored bed bug problems. Tried to hide it from tenants until they became an infestation. Finally began trying heat treatments, that seldom worked...and the very elderlly were told to go back into their 120 degree apt. To spend the night..Horrible & scary. Finally were we told that the cooling and air handler was going to be.repaired. Instead, the maintainence turned on a blower in the middle of the building and black soot, fumes, chemicals and bugs began coming into our apts., thru the floors, closets, walls, window casings...tenants were getting very ill and dying. I began coughing.& within a month I had a diagnosis of COPD & had to use a nebulizer to keep my lungs open. I became very ill and have not fully recovered in 2 years. But it keeps happening.. The management is blowing fumes & chemicals, moldy dusty black soot thru our apts. This was their way of cleaning the air handler.. I called HUD and City compliance and as many offices as I could find to seek help. It was like management had all these officials in their pockets...No one did anything. Tenants were getting ill frommandatory food program that turned out to be full of processed food, salt, sugar& chemicals. Lease tells us we can be excluded fromfood program if Dr. Advises..but NOT Happening... Now some of us who have become very ill are being given Unlawful Detainers after staff began refusing our checks in August of last year..Even tho I tried sending mine in with registered mail, the UD says I did not pay my rent. Staff refused out checks and did not deposit them in bank. I am disabled, now I am very ill from living here and going thru 4 years of Hell..I need to get better before I can physically move..Now they say the building is in process of being sold. Process began the same.month that the staff began refusing our rent checks.. Tenants here who are following lease terms are being evicted because we have been seeking legal help.. actually it is like a Hell here. Cannot imagine that I would move into a senior independant living complex and become so ill that I could not physically move away from the toxins and bed bugs & YES...I was attacked by a tenant here, a man who has a history of making sexual advances, attack in my case, and when I reported it...nothing was done.

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