Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I have never been so disgusted by our court system, shady attorneys and the legal system. I have five days to pack up my home. The home we put our entire saving account into. It was our home or so we thought. Six months after moving in the home we were renting was forclosed upon. Pennymac lending services (countrywide)is the new owner. After two court dates one of which we werent in the courtroom for. Only the hallway of the court house. We have been evicted. The federal protection act protecting tenants meant nothing. Having a written lease thst was signed months before the notice of default was filed never aknowledged. We should have just set our saving account money on the curb. And stayed at our old rental. I now have an eviction on my record for paying my bills. And because of that we cant find a new place.

My family will be homeless in five days. Thank you Pennymac for msking 2015 a year my family will never forget. I am sure my children will always remember they had to move, give up the family pets, changed schools make new friends have everythinH they owm go into storage. I as a mom have done everything to raise my children to be productive members of society. But my three younger sons just learned if you are honest pay your bills and obey the law you will still end up losing your home.

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