San Diego
Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 

-Management had tenant stay nextdoor to me who had gangraped a mutual friend after not working for two or three months and coming and going in and out of my apartment when I had my back-door open to air out the place or was inside my apartment and had the front door unlocked.

-Stabbing of a tenant occured with crack gang that had not been convicted by police (left a dead rat for awhile on utility box to make matters worse so neighbors couldn't really call police)

-Owners bear part of responsibility with the place being more dangerous because they left outside a mess and had gardener come less and less frequently. Now they never maintain it.

-When there was news the place was supposed to be in escrow (which no one was told directly- at least I wasn't and others learned from the news) then maintenance was completely forgotten until the place was a mess.

-Yes there are still mice in the walls.

-Mouse droppings

-Human feces and urine outside left to tenants to clean up.

-Parking lot was closed to everyone after management made place unlivable. Now there are 6' tall weeds growing all over the lot.

-Nothing was done to make the place any less easy to break into especially after twice that I can recall homeless people hopped the fence- Once being within the last 6 months

-Washer broke and three people complained about it lately to owners/maintenance of the property but they did nothing

-Roaches in building including upstairs neighbors

-Charged 1295 $ for a place where it is completely unsafe and not maintained at all including being a health hazard to live there

-Mold in bathroom

-Afraid to talk to property management about the problems after they treated all of the tenants equally in a completely inhumane way. Now I want to take them to court in a losing case.

-And the dryer is broken so that it puts holes in the clothes.

-Oh and if it matters one of the owners after forgetting who I was even though I'd talked to them like five times before and was sending them checks for almost 1300$ had asked me to basically do their job for them by interviewing a supposed prospective tenant for them and showing them the apartment nextdoor (which was sort of impossible since I had no keys to the apartment next door to me anyway [??])

-All of the previous tenants will agree that the place is more and more neglected until they have an empty unit or someone wants to rent

-Consistently the management has not paid the water bill on time to the blight of all the tenants

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