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The house we have been in for 7 yrs. was picked up by Griffin Residential on Dec 5,2012.
We have tried to work with them to vacate within 90 day period even though we have a valid lease until July,2013. They have unlawfully served a UD/Eviction notice (we now have a court date 2-6-13)Have lied to me and as far as I know broken a few civil codes. I have never been served & now it has stopped us from getting a house we wanted!There has yet to be a face to face meeting or a proper"cash for keys" settlement offer the way they first said would happen.Thank you RCLS for appointing me an attorney but they do not respect ANYONE! They have also refused phone calls from HUD. These guys are developing bad juju with everything they touch. If you are in a home they have recently purchised; get help imedietly, they respect no one!

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