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Hello my name is Jondeshia and this is my story I wrote to the ceres courier almost a year ago and still havent found a place.

Tenants not offered much to relocate to new homes

Jul 6, 8:38 a.m.


Regarding "City buying properties on El Camino for interchange," I'm one of the 13 tenants who reside at Don Pedro Road. I just wanted to let the writer know that the part about the owner wanting $30,000 for loss of income and to relocate tenants was all a show to make the owners look good. All they are offering us is $400 to move out in two weeks. Before I saw this article on June 14, the landlord came knocking at our doors of each unit and gave us each a 60-day notice and said we still have to pay rent. Now with getting that notice I'm not knowing what to do because I‘m a single mom of two little girls - one is 8 and the other is 9 months - living in a one-bedroom apartment barely making it. With rent of $625 on an income $541 I have a lot of back-rent to catch up on and they want to offer us $400 to relocate in two weeks! I don't think that's right. I've been living in this apartment since December of 2013. 

I just wanted the writer of this article to know all facts from the tenant's side of view. 



After all this happened we still could not find a place so we stayed living in the apt we where the last one to leave. Which the owner finally turned off the water and gas so with that being done I went to the dollar store and bought all the water and emergency candles I could well that same night after being so tired from everything I made my kids something to eat and lit a few candles after that got my kids ready for bed and was so tired we all went to sleep and at 4 am in the morning got woken up to my 8 yr old daughter saying mommy fire. I got up and my whole front room was on fire my husband then got up and seen it and we knew we had to get out. So all 4 of us got out head first . First my 8 yr old than me and my 1 yr old together and then when I did I could feel the heat on my back, my husband went to get his pants on cause in his pockets he had the keys in them so he finally did he got smoke in his lungs and he has valley fever. We jumped in the car and went to his moms house where we have been ever since .

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