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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I am a disabled senior in residency in Albany, CA who has been the target of discrimination for the eleven years since moving here; I'm the victim of wrongful eviction 4 times since 2004; the current landlord wants me out, rather than comply with the ADA; the Disabled Person's and Unruh Acts; the landlord claims my removal is so he may remodel and sell his unit;although many renters here became lst time home owners after renting their units; my landlord says he's 'opting out of Section 8'; though they help pay my rent and help first time home buyers too; there are many vacancies here; though I am overlooked bec. of Section 8; my status as Disabled with a Service Dog; and I have never been late with the rent; I need a walk-in bath tub, and two bedrooms like I had when moving here eleven years ago; my requests for Reasonable Accommodations are met with demands for me to move out; I am a person of color; Disabled; Elderly, with a Service Dog. we urgently needs rent control here too; there are more than one thousand residents here, 60% of whom are renters like me...

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