Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Hi I am recently discovering how unlawful this country as well as my state and county I live in. About 4 months ago I tried to help a past tenant get Info about the uninhabitable dwelling of cockroaches and mold that her and her two year old son lived in. I gave her info to the local code enforcement agency after several request to our landlord were not being answered. 3 days later and after the landlord got the report she was immediately evicted. Mind you some of us that rent are considered low income or welfare dependent. I have the same issues as her and many of us have here and i thought it was time that someone stand up for what I thought was right and for the health and safety of my children. I live in an over priced apartment filled with underlying mold and cockroaches. Since my start of living here 5 years ago, my son who was almost 2 and my daughter just born, have had more doctor visits ambulance rides and continuous medications and inhalers. I had to do something. The day the girl who called code. Enforcement got evicted I made that same call to report the living conditions of the apartment complex, we call home at least for the next 48 hours. My family and I are being evicted. To fill you in on my status as a renter I have never been evicted from anywhere I have never been late on rent or missed a payment let alone never had any complaints or notices that is until 12/31/14. On that day I received my very first notice, not just any notice but one from the complexs' lawyer asking me to break my year lease 6 months early and if I leave quietly I might get a good reference, but if I fail to sign I will be evicted and accused with what they are calling a nuisence and drug trafficking to chap. 12 of my lease Quite Enjoyment. I was and still am in shock and disbelief of what is happening. Not to mention they gave me only 24 days to get out. How is a mother of two a wife to a recently disabled husband (hit by car 2 months ago) and my service dog, supposed to just up and go on a fixed income less than 30 days????? I immediately seemed for help and with less than a week to go every door I opened has been slammed into my face. Oh not to mention I was served Dec 31, 2015, rent is due on the 1to 5th of the month, I did my studies and read the laws I still paid rent just like i have always done every fifth of the month for the past 5 years. I had used the drop box just like everyone else here does, for the first time in 5 years I received my first 3 day pay or quit notice. I went to my landlord and asked why I got that notice and she responded that they never received my payment. I thought that was a little too fishy knowing that they want me out so bad for exercising my rights to code enforcement. I had to call in the money order which is gonna take 2 weeks to track and I still have to be out or I face these ridiculously falsified allegations and eviction. I'm scared and feel hopeless to what I should do. I did get my landlord to tell me why she was doing all of this on tape, even though a recording won't hold up in court, she clearly stated this, "Ilene, you were under the raider until you made those calls to code enforcement." Those words that statement right there , key point and clear statement of RETALIATION Eviction. Please if someone is out ther that could be of any help I am begging for answers and a door to open up, I refuse to let my children sleep outside on the streets. I've attempted HUD and fair housing they all point me to a dead end. What do I do? I have pics, doc, letters from other tenants backing me and my dwelling as well as every converswtion rcordd and documented. I know I have a case, but I don't have the sources.I'm starting to feel like I should have been quit and never made a report I would prob still have warm place and roof over my kids heads.

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