Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 

Me and my 5 year old son had a week left on our stay at the homeless shelter. I had to find a place asap. I drove by my old apartment complex and noticed unit #1 was vacant. We got the apt and moved in. Same landlord so I felt ok even though the apt was in terrible shape. It needed a make over. My landlord instructed me to contact the maintenance man and have him start repairs. 11 days in.....nothing. So I wrote out a letter stating what needed to be done asap. He fixed the broken tile in tub and replaced my broken bedroom window. He tried fixing other windows with glue. Bad idea. That was all he did. I needed a thermostat cover for heater, smoke detectors, a window in my bathroom not a piece of wood, light fixtures not just bulbs, new stove,(the one that was here when we moved in was rusted and molded. I could not safely cook on it, bad spider problem, broken door handle on fridge, soft ceiling over tub due to water, rotten sewer smell under sink and behind toilet, brown stuff leaking behind toilet,loose security gate and a front door that didn't lock. 


Eventually I found out about the air conditioner only working for about 20 minutes then warm air. By now my manager quit and Homepointe Property took over. A note was left on my door explaining the change. So I gave the new manager the same list or repairs. I was told that the maintenance dept would need an entire day (8-10) hours to complete the list of repairs. Its late June, rent has never been late and I'm still hopeful of her word. We didn't have a working laundry room because the lady next to me turned it into a place for her to sale herself and drugs. This time around living in this tiny 4 apt complex, we were not as peaceful as the first time around. The lady next door was evicted but she took about a month to leave. I worked mornings and my son was in preschool so our days ended and started early. But Syed didn't care. Her son screamed all hours of the night, her door was open from when I slept to when we woke up. Syed final,y moves and then breaks in during the day. Total nightmare. I take a day off work to have repairs taken care of. I was literally home until 5pm. (Almost) everything was taken care of. The soggy ceiling which co concerned me most was corrected. The maintenance guy looked around the and instructed me to take multiple pictures of repairs he noticed, (screen door, toilet, etc.) because he would need approval to complete these jobs as well as a new work order. I was confused because he was at my apt now. I have  to wait some. Over the next 60 days I was just amazed. 3 trips from the window guy, another to repair fridge handle, another day to remove mold and strip in tub. Finally the air guy comes mid July only to tell me to replace filter that he will bring back and leave on my porch. Never happened. By now I have taken 6 do off work. I was very upset. Fed up I contacted code enforcement. Then i sent another email inquiring about the air conditioner. A week later I see a notice on my door. With all the evidence including neighbors, letters, possible,reports, and a paper trail I lost the case. Her lawyer painted me like Ursula. During the waiting period of being served by the sheriff and requesting a stay, I find out that the owner, (who lives 4 blocks away) somehow the owner has confused me with the tenant who was already evicted. He thought I was her. I wondered why they said I was a addict and a dealer and I had illicit activity you going on in my home. As I type this I am packing me and my sons stuff. WE HAVE NO WHERE TO GO!!!! But we must be out by 11:59 tonight. Why.......because of lazy managers and cheap owners. Its raining and Windy out.

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