Huntington Beach
Residence Type: 
10-19 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I have been renting aforementioned property close to three years. I had a month to month lease agreement with the homeowner and paid my rent early/on time every month up to last August (2012) when I was informed by mail that the property was in foreclosure and would be up for public auction. At that point I informed the homeowner (his mail still comes here and I had his permission to open anything pertaining to rental property)On the legal advice of a family friend we were told to stop rental payments and sit tight. Never heard a word from anyone until about a week ago when a eviction notice was placed on our door by an attorney for Wells Fargo. I researched the lawyer an he seems legit. So now we have a minimum of 90 days from notice to relocate? Also, I never received any notice of eviction by US Mail or registered either. Isn't that a requirement as well to make eviction legal?

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