Carmel Valley
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My landlord/representative came to collect rent check. He wasps agitated and forced entry and committed Battery. ( was sited by Sheriff's Dept) I had sustained multiple bruises and contusions. I was hit in head by door and I have blunt head truisms and a concussion . He served a 3 day notice ,( never late on rent in a year) and now I was served an unlawful retainer and I am being evicted. I cannot afford an Attorney. I want to sue them. This is retaliation, and I feel I am
being discriminated against. I get evicted? I was going to pay , but he forced entry. Now I am not paying. There was also an agreement to use deposit for last months rent. They failed to print, but assured me that their word was good. The injuries were pretty severe and I still have blurred vision. Something is wrong with this picture . They kick me out on the street? I am Disabled. They hired a lawyer. She knows of agreement , but states that it is off the table. " just because " I have tried to work with them , but no luck. I have a 4 year lease. They said that is was soy daughter could finish HS here . She recently moved and is living in Lodi with my older daughter age 30. They stated because she moved? They did not have to follow lease. Nothing in lease about it ending if my daughter moved. I feel helpless. I have hospital bills and injuries, and they evict? I cannot show all photos, but I will post one. They have harassed us since we got here in a May 2013. Violated Ca law, warranty of habitability and threaten turned me.

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