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I am filing a complaint or need information on how to file a complaint with the city of Contra Costa and the rental increase. I believe the city of Contra Costa should have rent control. It seems that everyday the prices are increasing and becoming unaffordable to the working class. Due to this outrageous spike, I was unable to afford a home for me and my children; I was forced to move in with my mother.
Between me and my husband we make about $5,000 a month but now apartments are requiring 3 times the rent: if a 2 bedroom is going for 1900 we are automatically disqualified. My husband and I have been looking to rent a home for over a year now and we have been unsuccessful due to the increasing rental height. Is there something that can be done to stop the increasing rental hike? It is becoming a problem in Contra Costa and forcing working class people into poverty. Please help.

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