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10-19 units
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Since I've been here 5 years ago, this was my very first ap. And upon signing and taken him at his word. I found roaches, spiders, and stains of what I believe to be mold. My stove went out last year, it took four months to get another one. and when the a/c went out knowing how long it took for a stove, im on heat meds, so home depot was my best bet. I gave him back his free on craigslist a/c
it should be noted that the carpets have never been changed. No one ever came to spray,we was told to go to the dollar store for bug spray. I not a cry baby as he puts it. I want what other have in my price range. in our lease he claims that he pays for (GAS), Water, etc. FYI: nothing in the apartment complex is gas. Every stove is electric, Dryers, heater is built into the a/c., no smoke detector's, etc. every back sliding glass door has been installed incorrectly, (they are inside out) theres suppose to be a way to secure that door either by slinding locks, or broom stick, etc. he told me to never ask for anything cause I refuse to pay in cash, like everyone else. He doesn't take personal checks, so it's money orders. The only thing this manager knows is either that black electric tape, or duct tape. He doesn't live here but continues to get mail especially those Discount Cards for home depot, etc. Both of the two different properties he has is in major retrofitted. He doesn't replace anything, he attempts to repair it.
I have photo's on my cell phone. And I have names of former tenants.

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