Palo Alto Mediation Program (PAMP)

Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process designed to bring people in conflict together in a safe environment for a face-to-face meeting to work out solutions to their differences.The PAMP office, through Project Sentinel, provides a full range of free dispute resolution services, including:

  • mediation services
  • conciliation services
  • information on rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords, including deposits, rent increases, maintenance, eviction
  • information on rights and responsibilities for neighbors including fences, trees, noise
  • referral to other agencies

Note: The mediators are not legal advisors. Their role is to be impartial, and not to give advice, legal or financial.

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(650) 856-4062
Office Hours: 
Weekdays 9AM-12PM, 1PM-4PM; The Palo Alto Mediation Program typically holds meetings the third Thursday of every month at 7:15 p.m., except during December, July, and August. Meeting schedules and locations are subject to change. Please contact the Palo Alto Mediation Program for more details.
Mediation services are offered to those who live, work, or own property in Palo Alto. These services are free, voluntary, and confidential.
1490 El Camino Real

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