Center for Social Advocacy

The Center for Social Advocacy (CSA) was incorporated in 1969 as a private non-profit organization by members of regions who were concerned about social injustices and inequities. CSA services have grown over the years and now include:

Includes the provision of information concerning housing laws at state and federal levels. Investigate and facilitate resolutions of disputes between tenants and landlords. Provide information on housing programs and make referrals to appropriate resources.

Investigation of claims regarding fair housing law violations. Conduct periodic tests of real estate and rental properties to evaluate compliance with fair housing laws. Promotion of equal housing opportunities through presentations of community seminars, workshops, lectures and public forums.

Mediation of issues between tenants and landlords related to fair housig, California Civil Codes and regional city codes. Recommend creative out of court solutions to resolve disputes.

Training through workshops and seminars for tenants, property owners and managers. Free seminars to advance the awareness of tenant/landlord responsibilities. Distribution of free informational materials to selected community locations served by CSA.

Must reside in one of the contract areas. If you live outside of CSA's contract area you will be referred to the appropriate agency.
(619) 444-5700

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