Renters’ Day of Action Sept. 22, 2016

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Thursday September 15th, 2016


Actions in 10 California Cities for National Renters’ Day of Action Sept. 22, 2016

Across the country, renters will organize sit-ins, marches, rallies and courthouse protests to declare a #RenterStateOfEmergency and urge immediate action to protect renters and families. 


SAN FRANCISCO--On September 22, tenant and housing justice groups in over 46 cities across the country and 10 cities in California will take to the streets for the National #RentersDayOfAction. The day of action is being coordinated by Homes For All (, a national campaign of housing and land justice organizations, and anchored in California by Tenants Together (, the statewide organization for renters’ rights.


“The Renters’ Day of Action will be the largest and most significant mobilization of renters in recent history. In almost every region across the country rents are rising astronomically, unjust evictions and homelessness are reaching epidemic levels,” says Aimee Inglis of Tenants Together. “This year only ONE piece of meaningful legislation was passed at the California state level in support of renters’ rights. The bill to end Section 8 discrimination died without a floor vote. The state legislature will continue to ignore renters if we don’t stand up and make ourselves heard.”


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“We are fighting back to keep our home and stay together with our neighbors because we have developed a strong community, like a family,” says Mel LaGuardia of the Alameda Renters’ Coalition and tenant organizer with 470 Central tenants. The tenants at 470 Central have been fighting their landlord for over a year and have been organizing to pass rent control and just cause policies for the city of Alameda at the ballot in November 2016. Alameda tenants are joined by Richmond, Mountain View, Burlingame, and the city of San Mateo in fighting for city-wide anti-displacement protections.


Homes For All and Tenants Together has released the following #RentersDayOfAction national demands:

A freeze on all unjust evictions and rent increases

The establishment of a national livable rent standard to restrict rents to 30% of a family income and a livable wage for all workers. 

The right of all tenants to organize and bargain collectively with landlords without fear of discrimination, retaliation or eviction.

The transfer of vacant, foreclosed and underused land to community control through community land trusts and cooperatives to meet the needs of communities of color and working class communities that have historically been targeted -- from disinvestment to redlining --- to the foreclosure crisis and the current eviction epidemic.


“We need bold, transformative and strong solutions to this crisis. Until we get them, we’re going to take to the streets and fight for our homes and our communities,” says Alma Blackwell, an organizer with Causa Justa/Just Cause in Oakland, CA, a member organization of Tenants Together and Right to the City Alliance.

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September 22, 2016 - 9am to September 22, 2016 - 9pm

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