Tenants Together Condemns Voter Intimidation to Undermine Proposition 10

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Tenants Together has issued an open letter calling on the California Apartment Association and other groups representing California landlords to publicly condemn a rash of unethical and retaliatory rent hikes, evictions, and voter intimidation tactics to undermine support for Proposition 10, repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, and its presence on the November 2018 ballot.
In Concord, Modesto, National City, Los Angeles, and beyond, Tenants Together and allied organizations have received numerous reports of 60-day eviction notices and rent increases in which landlords have specifically cited Proposition 10 as justification. In some cases, the rent hikes have been tied to Proposition 10’s passage in order to sway renters to vote against the measure.
“It is unconscionable for landlords to punish renters with eviction for exercising their fundamental right to participate in our democracy,” said Eduardo Torres, Northern California Coordinator with Tenants Together. “This only underscores the need for stronger tenant protections in California.”

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