Judge Denies California Apartment Association’s Effort to Derail Rent Control in Richmond

Richmond, CA – Confirming thirty years of legal precedent, this Monday Hon. Judge Craddick denied the California Apartment Association's (CAA) motion for preliminary injunction to stall rent control and just cause for eviction in Richmond, Measure L. The implementation of Measure L will now continue with the appointment of a rent board.  Measure L passed with 65 percent support, but the CAA filed a lawsuit asking for an injunction against the implementation.


Landlords regularly argue that rent control laws impinge their constitutional rights, an argument rejected by courts for decades.  In this case, CAA tried yet again to argue that the rent control law caused “irreparable harm” to Richmond landlords justifying a preliminary injunction stopping the rent control law.  The Court squarely rejected CAA’s argument that landlords suffer “irreparable harm” from the rent control law. While rent control laws regulate runaway profits, they certainly do not cause irreparable harm.


“This is a blow to CAA not just in Richmond, but to their frivolous arguments against rent control in other cities. CAA knows rent control is perfectly legal and they are wasting the court’s time with these challenges,” explains Tenants Together Legal Director, Leah Simon-Weisberg.


“For years, we’ve been fighting alongside Richmond residents, organizations and landlords to protect residents from unfair rent increases, evictions, and substandard living conditions. While gentrification and displacement are still ongoing issues, the court’s ruling today, affirms the public’s will for renter’s protections” said Asian Pacific Environmental Network organizer Ratha Lai.


The City of Richmond will now continue the process of establishing the Rent Board, which will oversee the Rent Control and Just Cause eviction protections system. This Board will be vital to the success of Richmond’s Rent Control and the members of the Fair and Affordable Richmond Coalition, who qualified Measure L for the ballot, are anxious to see the Board established and begin regulating. While the lawsuit goes through the courts, Richmond’s Rent Control and Just Cause eviction protection ordinance is law.


The CAA have similar lawsuits against the new Rent Control ordinances in Mountain View. The Mountain View hearing is scheduled for March 9th in Santa Clara County.


The Fair and Affordable Richmond Coalition is made up of Tenants Together, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Richmond Progressive Alliance, SEIU 1021, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, AFSCME Local 3299 and the California Nurses Association.


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