Concord Apartment Complex Tenants Say They're Being Pushed Out by Increasing Rents, Poor Conditions

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Philippe Djegal

Residents in an apartment complex in Concord claim they are being pushed out by poor living conditions and high rent increases.

On Monday, KRON4 spoke with the affected families who took their concerns to City Hall.

They are families who say they're living in poor conditions, facing no-cause evictions and unfair rent increases.

Stopping by City Hall in Concord, they dropped off papers to have city inspectors tour their apartments and force their landlord to make repairs to problems that the tenants say have long been ignored.

"It just makes us feel like we're less than them," tenant Elizabeth Lira said. "We're paying for the property and just horrible conditions."

Bed bugs and cockroaches were found in some of the units KRON4 visited at the Park Haven Apartment complex.

A representative for the landlord says they do their best to respond to maintenance requests.

But tenants disagree.

"They just say they'll get to it but they never do--they just ignore us," Lira said.

That's why tenants like Lira are working with the non-profit--Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.

ACCE is helping to stop what they claim are several no-cause evictions and unfair rent increases exceeding 10 percent.

"Tenants are mobilizing in Concord, in other cities across the state to get better tenant protections like just cause for eviction," ACCE organizer Edith Pastrano said. "Currently, in Concord, there is no such policy that protects tenants in this way."

Shortly after, KRON4 tried to contact the property manager.

The leasing office called the police.

Eventually, a representative for the landlord told KRON4 they are willing to work with the tenants to resolve their issues.

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