Awards for this year's Raising the Roof for Renters announced

Friday, June 3, 2016
Aimee Inglis
Tenants Together

This year for our annual event we're celebrating our collective work to make new rent control a reality in communities facing rising rents and displacement. This is a true coalition effort so we have a lot of awards to give out this year!

Already the city of Santa Rosa has passed a rent control and just cause ordinance, and there are six cities planning to go to the ballot to get these key protections against displacement. City of Alameda and Richmond have already gathered the signatures they need to put rent control to a vote.

Join us on Tuesday June 14th 6-9pm to see community leaders get recognized!



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Our Awardees for this year's Raising the Roof for Renters:


"Making Rent Control Possible Again" Award


For showing strong union leadership in the fight for tenants' rights:

SEIU Local 1021 (Roxanne Sanchez—SEIU Local 1021 President, Alysabeth Alexander - Vice President of Politics, Gary Jimenez - Vice president of the East Bay, Kim Moses - Alameda Count COPE Co-Chair, Pete Albert - Alameda COPE Co-Chair, Dan Jameyson - Contra Costa County COPE Co-Chair, and Harry Baker - Contra Costa County COPE Co-chair)


For legal support and technical assistance on rent control:

Juliet Brodie, Director, Community Law Clinic Standford Law School

Melissa Morris, Senior Attorney, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Daniel Saver, Housing Attorney, Community Legal Services East Palo Alto

Ronit Rubinoff, Executive Director, Sonoma County Legal Aid


For organizing communities and empowering tenants to lead:

Davin Cardenas, organizer with North Bay Organizing Project

Alameda Renters Coalition ARC (Catherine Pauling), Romel "Mel" Laguardia (470 Central Ave - Bay View Apartments tenant leader)

Fair and Affordable Richmond (FAR) Coalition

Cindy Cornell, Organizer, Burlingame Advocates for Renter Protections  

Faith in Action - San Mateo County tenant organizing

Tony Samara, Program Director, Urban Habitat - Regional Tenant Organizing (RTO) Coordination




"Helping Tenants Know Their Rights" Award


For supporting our legal clinics:

David Hall, Tenant Attorney and Tenant Lawyer Network Member, Law Office of David Hall

Jay Koslofsky, Tenant Attorney, Law Office of Jay Koslofsky

Amisha Manek, Associate, Perkins Coie LLP

Mathew Reed, Organizer, Sacred Heart Community Service

Jovana Fajardo, Organizer, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment


For supporting Tenants Together's education programs:

Lining Wang, Graphic Design volunteer, Tenants Together

Lisa Green, Hotline Counselor, Tenants Together

Samantha Bell, Hotline Counselor, Tenants Together

Glenn Nyhan, Hotline Database Designer, Tenants Together



We are so honored to work with all these folks and more in the fight for renters' rights! Join us in recognizing them on the 14th!


Help build power for renters' rights: