Antioch Tenants Call for Action Against Affordable Housing Evictions

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Eduardo Torres
Tenants Together

Who: United Tenants of Villa Medanos
What: Antioch City Council meeting where tenants will call on council for protections against eviction, harassment, and rent increases by developer and landlord Reliant
When: Tuesday, October 8th – tenants will be available for interviews at 6:30pm
Where: 4703 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA
WHY:Reliant purchased Villa Medanos in February as part of a $116 million package of seven properties across the Bay Area in Vallejo, Antioch, and Hayward. Their plan included renovating four of them as affordable housing complexes under a federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program that requires tenants to meet low-income requirements. Current residents faced misinformation that they would not qualify and unreasonable demands from new management, resulting in hundreds of tenants being displaced.
Longtime tenant Adam Dye says, “When February came and Reliant took over, our peaceful community became a shell of itself as we came face with displacement, harassment, threats and lies from our new management. For years, Villa Medanos Apartments was a hub full of kind, hard working, respectful families and individuals. It was a community that supported each other.
“The owners, Reliant, previously stated to city council that they were not in the habit of displacing tenants. However, today nearly 4 out of ten buildings are empty. Reliant claims they developing affordable housing, but the true business model of Reliant is actually displacement and flipping properties. They have done this at several properties belonging to Reliant across the state.
“Reliant must be held accountable, the city must be held accountable. And the rights of the people in this city must be realized and protected.”
United Tenants of Villa Medanos is not an affiliate of Tenants Together. This press release is issued to increase broader awareness of renter organizing and advocacy. Tenants Together is California’s Statewide Organization for Renters’ Rights.

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