2013 Legislative Updates

AB 1229 - Inclusionary Rental Housing, Vetoed by Gov
AB 1229 (Atkins) would have restored the ability of cities to adopt and enforce inclusionary housing laws to provide affordable rental housing in new developments.  The bill would have reversed an appellate court decision (Palmer).  In Palmer, the court held that a local inclusionary law requiring affordable rentals violated the state’s Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act.  The bill passed the assembly and senate, but Governor Brown vetoed the bill.

SB 603 - Security Deposit Fairness, Defeated in the Senate
SB 603 (Leno) would have automatically doubled damages in cases where landlords illegally withhold security deposits.  The bill was sponsored by Tenants Together to address high rates of security deposit theft in California.  The bill was defeated on the Senate floor but could be revisited in the upcoming legislative session.

SB 488 - Pest Infestations
SB 488 (Hueso) helps plug a loophole in state law that had created uncertainty regarding the role of code enforcement in taking action against pest infestations in many California communities.  This is particularly important for tenants facing bedbug infestation in certain cities that lack agreements with the county regarding enforcement.  The bill was signed by Governor Brown and takes effect January 1, 2014.  

SB 612 - Early Lease Termination
SB 612 (Leno) expands the type of documentation for early lease termination due to domestic violence, sexual violence, elder abuse or human trafficking.  The bill allows victims to use a form provided by counselors or other health care professionals to terminate a fixed-term lease early.  The bill was signed by the Governor and takes effect January 1, 2014.

SB 510 - Mobile Home Park Conversions
SB 510 (Jackson) provides mobile home residents a voice when their mobile home park is being subdivided and sold.  If a majority of mobile home park residents do not support a sale, Senate Bill 510 allows – but does not require – a local government to disapprove of the conversion.  The bill was signed by the Governor and takes effect January 1, 2014.

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