Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
West Sacramento, Yolo
I live in a low income senior complex in West Sacramento. We have 120 units here and this is a tax credit property. This complex is new, opened in late April, early May 2008. We were told when we signed our lease that this complex would be a fully gated community after all apts. were rented. Months... continue reading
Elk Grove, Sacramento
We moved into a house in an area of Elk Grove were the landlord claims no children are present for her children (Filipino). So she acquires a home and begins to rehabbing the house,since it was a foreclosed home, then never lived in the home, we were its current occupants. Due to her now having... continue reading
San Jose, Santa Clara
Hi. After speaking with my on-site manager about the condition of my kitchen sink (pic attached), I sent her pictures on January 16, 2009. I explained to her that it needed re-glazing. It had been scheduled to be repaired approx. August, 2008, however I ended up in the emergency and had the... continue reading
Bakersfield, Kern
Hello, my name is Donna, and I need some advice or info on my rights as a mobile home owner. My situation is lengthy in detail so I will only disclose the immediate issues. If you have questions then I would be glad to answer.
San Francisco, San Francisco
Parkmerced one of the largest rental apartment communities in SF, recently received a nomination as a "marvel of modernism" by the cultural landscape foundation. (www.tclf.org) The recent changes by the current owner, and sales of land to San Francisco State University (www.sfsumasterplan.org)... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Landlord agreed to pay half the costs for a new (and much needed) bathroom sink and cabinet. Reneged on verbal agreement. when sink & cabinet were installed @ my expense, landlord entered premises (without permission, without my knowledge and without my presence)- USED MY TOOTHBRUSHES AND... continue reading
sherman oaks, Los Angeles
Back in October 2008 the landlord called the police on a tenant which she does consistently about twice a month. The officer told her to stop calling and wasting their time. There were about 20 tenants or so outside and everyone finally started to stand up to the landlord. Stories went flying, all... continue reading
Loma Linda, San Bernardino
Firstly, we are a victim of US Immigration mismanagement resulting in my wife's application to adjust status was jeopardized and she can't be resourceful. The discrimination and retaliation by a welknown health care institution provider in the Inland Empire is a real trip.
Fresno, Fresno
Possible court case. Went 8 days without heat in brand new apt bldg. had to call code enforcement to get heat fixed.
Corning, Tehama
As of nov.2008, myself and four daughters, moved into a three bdrm from a ghetto area
Davis, Yolo
We rented from the same lady in Davis for 3 years. We were informed that we would share PGE and our mailbox and the trash bins upon move in. We had numerous tenants that lived behind us move out and not pay their portion of the PGE which turned out to be considerable. The 4 plex was not zoned... continue reading
San Clemente, Orange
The renter's rebate is necessary for the older people on social security or on a fixed income and it is ridiculous to put a stop to!!!! What, are you a nut!
yermo, San Bernardino
I moved into my home with expectations of something amazing. That turned to hell when my realtor (who takes care of everything because the property manager never gets off her ass to do anything) let a friend stay in the house i'm currently in before i was there. well he never paid for his electric... continue reading
Citrus Heights,, Sacramento
Extreme rent increases each year virtually utilizing most of our retirement income from Social Security. No consideration of other cost of living increases such as Gasoline, Insurance, Health Care (especially prescription medicines), and Food.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Dear Governor S.,   My name is David Lee Frater. I am a disabled 55 year old man who has been disabled for the last 6 years. I used to be a principal systems analyst, the rank above a senior systems analyst, for all of my adult life after college before I became disabled. I worked, and worked... continue reading
Oceanside, San Diego
I am a RN and a clinician, case manager for a non profit agency here in SD county. We help low income, mentally ill seniors who are at risk of homelessness maintain their independence. I am having trouble explaining to these impoverished mentally ill elders that our governor took away these much... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I am a wheel chair user on a fixed income who cannot find nor afford to move to affordable handicapped accessible housing in my neighborhood - the westside. The renters rebate has been the one source of small help in my continually rising rental cost.
San Diego, San Diego
i am 86 yrs old, disabled. my son, 58 yrs. old, lives here and is my caregiver. Our combined annual income is under $20,000/yr. Our family assists us with rental payments. We have been registered with the San Diego Housing Assn. for 4 yrs. for Section 8 housing. have no complaints with landlord.... continue reading
Torrance, Los Angeles
I recently was forced out of my apt. after 14+ yrs. by a new owner of my previous apt.! He raised my rent $600.00 more knowing that I am forced to live on a fixed income (S.S. Disability)which hardly paid my rent previously. And even if I was able to pay that increase, he insisted I get rid of my... continue reading
Cardiff, San Diego
Our property is about 40 units. It is subsidized by HUD. Since 7 years ago, Section 8 has been frozen and there is a 6 to 10 year waiting period for renters help. I don't want to move from my apt, it is where my mother died and where all of my friends are and I am disabled. I make $890 a month... continue reading

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