Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
Sacramento, Sacramento
i rented a home about 2 1/2 years ago. i was told the person i talked to and met was a friend of the owner. the wife and husband got married and then needed to rent out the house i'm living in. i met the owner and he seems pretty nice. he signed the lease and i right him the checks every month. but... continue reading
Riverside, Riverside
the landlord hired a property management agent to rent this property, when we asked him and the agent if the property was not on risk of foreclosure, both assured us that the landlord was on time on his payments, however two weeks after moving in a representative from wells fargo knocked at the... continue reading
copperopolis, Calaveras
“We paid our rent and we had a lease”. Washington Mutual unlawfully locks a mother and her son, out of their home! We paid our rent and had a 1 year lease until Aug 20, 2010, with the option to buy. WITHOUT A COURT ORDER, Washington Mutual locked us out of our home, unlawfully evicting a single... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
I am a veteran with a fixed income. I've been collecting my $350.00 for many years/. Now the governer has slashed the 191 million that we desparately need. My rent is 85 % of my income. I'm disabled and have no other supplements, no other income. and now I can't work.
Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino
We moved into this house on 2/15/08. We had a choice to pay cashier's check or direct deposit, we chose direct deposit. Since he lives out of state I thought it best to pay via direct deposit. We explained to the landlord that I get paid every 2 weeks, in a years period he would get 13 months... continue reading
Temecula, Riverside
We rented a beautiful home in Temecula, Ca after selling our home after loss of job 4 yrs ago. We signed a two yr lease and have lived here for one yr. We began receiving mail addressed to the landlord from the county of Riverside and mortgage attorney's, immediately we knew something was wrong. We... continue reading
Escalon, San Joaquin
Marina del Rey, Los Angeles
What started as a good situation has turned incredibly bad. Our landlords have financial problems and have illegally rented out a guestroom on the first floor (no kitchen, nor sink) and have moved out of their apartment above us and have begun to rent it out furnished on a weekly basis. We now... continue reading
Vallejo, Solano
Prepared for impending sale and cash-for-keys benefits. Property went back to Lender. Locks changed, personal property removed. 90-day notice given. Illegal lockout situation.
Grass Valley, Nevada
Nevada County discriminates against Companion/Service Dogs. If you have a dog and a prescription for it, you might as well forget living in Nevada County. They are very anti-dog. Especially the local homeless shelter, who influenced the Union newspaper not to publish anything on the subject. The... continue reading
Salinas, Monterey
Walking into court Monday morning with California Civil Code Section 1950.5 in hand, my wife and I thought we had a really good chance to see our Security Deposit once again from our previous Land-”Lord”. After a 30 minute Mediation Meeting, the landlord offered a ridiculous amount to drop the case... continue reading
Pasadena, Los Angeles
I have lived in this small two-bedroom house on a quiet residential street in Pasadena, CA for a little over two years. I've put a lot of my own money into the house, maintained it myself and always paid rent on time. That is, until eight months ago when, like a lot of people, I lost my job. My... continue reading
copperopolis, Calaveras
3/13/2009 We paid our rent and had a 1 year lease until Aug 20, 2010, with the option to buy. WITHOUT A COURT ORDER,Washington Mutual locked us out of our home, unlawfully evicting a single mother and son. Without any relocation services, without giving the deposit back within 21 days. Since... continue reading
Pacifica, San Mateo
I am not sure how to start but I will say that we moved in our dream rental 3 bedroom 2 bath home. From the moment we moved in we smelled gas. We called Pg@e and they said you must get this fixed asap. So, we called the landlord she said she would take care of it.Nothing happened for a month.
San Jose, Santa Clara
We are renting a house in San Jose, CA. On April 22 2009 there was a "notice of trustee sale" taped to our door, advising that the property was going to auction on May 11, and that if it did not sell, ownership would revert to the bank. We discussed this with our landlord, and several days later... continue reading
Salinas, Monterey
Update to Foreclosure Hell. On May 12th some party unknown crept up to our door and taped a Notice To Quit our front door. They didn’t even have the nerve to knock on the door and deliver it to myself (disabled in wheelchair) or my 84 year old mother as we were both home watching TV at the time.... continue reading
Saint Helena, Napa
I have lived in my apartment for over 12 years in a QUIET complex. There have been no upgrades to my unit - except for those that I have paid for. I pay my rent on time, I am quiet and responsible. My property manager recently rented a small 2 bedroom unit to a family of 5 - all three kids under... continue reading
Ridgecrest, Kern
I am writing to share my view of the La Mirage situation in Ridgecrest. As talked about by other tenants and posted on your news page, the residents of La Mirage are the latest victims of McConville and his associated scammers. I have lived in La Mirage since 2003 and have dutifully paid rent,... continue reading
Fairfield, Solano
Section 8 Inspection by city housing services: bias, and punitive in Hearing (called informal Hearing when the tenant has not passed the Inspection criteria in the housing complex in which they live, etc., and personnel does not offer assistance for the elderly, disabled, and medically infirm... continue reading
Salinas, Monterey
We too are in the middle of the Horse Country Hill like Tim and Trish. Only we are the former Landlords tenants at his legal address for the loan. Everytime we saw a real estate agent or a process server, my wife and I were asked if we were the former owners. Turns out the property was bought by... continue reading

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