Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
Studio City, Los Angeles
I moved into an apartment in Jan 2006. From day one, it was a hassle...everyone had storage units and when I asked which one was mine, I was told that I did not get one as I was a single tenant! I found out that my storage was being RENTED out to someone who did NOT live in the building! Then I... continue reading
Pacifica, San Mateo
My landlord took over 2 months to return our deposit stating she was suffering from health problems. However, once I sent her a demand letter, she contacted me and told me she would comply. I received a check from her 15 days after I mailed the letter. She had deducted $1764 for what she said was... continue reading
Briones, Contra Costa
I have been renting a mobile home on 11 acres for the last 7 years. I rented it in good faith from the landlord. Just recently, as a result of the well collapsing on the property, and the landlord do nothing to fix or repair it. Leaving us to obtain our own water for the last 11 months.... continue reading
Vacaville, Solano
I moved in the unit in Sept. of 2006 and had to transfer my unit because of habitability issues. The bathroom plumbing was connected to the laundry room and the wash water was backing up in my bathtub. I had to take my son out of the bathtub on 3 seperate occasions and was moved after 2mos of... continue reading
Cayucos, San Luis Obispo
I received a 30 notice of Termination of Tenancy four days after I paid rent for Oct.2010. I was shocked. i called my landlord but she refused to talk to me. We were once friends and a small dispute last July 2010, which I thought was resolved. She parks her RV on a nearby lot and spends time... continue reading
Prunedale, Monterey
I answered an ad for a house off of Craig's List for a single house on 1/4 acre for $1250.00. Set up an appointment to see the property. The landlord's daughter who is over 21 came to meet me and show me the property. It was clean inside and there was a small storage unit on the outside, which... continue reading
Plumas Lake, Yuba
This is the 3rd house in 3 years that we have rented and gone into foreclosure. Previously, the owner's were willing to work with us and let us stay. We were able to negotiate no rent for a period of time to allow our family time to save for a new deposit. The current owner has a $500k home in... continue reading
Oakland, Alameda
RG09481107 Alameda County Superior Court Judge August 25, 2010, takes matter off calendar; Property Asset Management, Inc vs Brown. Attorney David Endres got the property from Pite and Duncan Trust Account where the Original Trustor from 2001 Lisa Swain-Morris employed at Charles Swabb had... continue reading
Hesperia, San Bernardino
My family and I exercised our right to terminate our lease and vacate the rental property after the Landlord ignored repeated requests for repairs over a 5 month period. Mice in the kitchen (dead or alive), a roof leak in the bedroom, and severe rain water intrusion coming through the front walls... continue reading
Carlsbad, San Diego
We have been renting a home in Carlsbad, CA since June 2008. The home is in foreclosure and scheduled for auction (2nd time in ten months) on 7/14/2010. With our original lease contract, we paid upfront first months rent, last months rent and a security deposit. Our landlord refuses to provide us... continue reading
Colton, San Bernardino
In the end of May 2010 i found the condo i live in on a foreclosure list...wow was i surprised. I deal with an manager not the owner so i asked him....he told me it was true & how did i feel about it? duh what a dumb question. I pay my rent every month and the owner pockets the money...it don't... continue reading
Campbell, Santa Clara
we have had our companion animals for several years my passion is a maltipoo. my daughters companion is frankie, also her best friend, mgmt claims we never told them about our dogs. my pet deposit was waived upon move in due to passion being my companion. We got frankie for amanda. she was taking a... continue reading
San Ramon, Contra Costa
Leasing Agent accepted my rent check (4/17/10)late not realizing that the manager had sent it over to the attorney for a eviction to began. Summons Complaint taped to my door on 4/18/10. Managment kept calling me on 4/19/10 ask me (tenant) to pay attorney fees of 605.00. Management states over the... continue reading
Lake Elsinore, Riverside
A notice of foreclosure was placed on the front fence of the apartment complex in March. The landlord had already stopped responding to phone calls and requests for repairs etc. Three apartments were occupied at that time, the fourth was uninhabitable. We had no idea up to that point that... continue reading
Apple Valley, San Bernardino
Here I am again less than a year later. Last time I wrote I was having to move due to foreclosure(2nd time in a year). Now.. just 4 months after signing a year lease the landlord is getting divorced and wants us out in 60 days!! I feel he wants to move into the house himself has his current home is... continue reading
Riverside, Riverside
I'm in beginning in stage of seeking an attorney right now, the hardest part is to find an attorney specializes in Landlord-Tenant Law in my area. My roommates & I are dealing with multiple problems with the landlord. LL hold the copy of lease, which didn't give us a copy, for four months. We... continue reading
Atascadero, San Luis Obispo
I have been renting this "granny unit" for one year now and the owners son moved back into the rental. I have been given notice but have not been able to find a place and and now moved out into the basement of the rental until I can find a place. I need a place asap or I will be on the street. I... continue reading
Mill Valley, Marin
Due to harassment, discovering the unit I lived in was illegal and unlivable conditions, I was forced to break my lease. My landlord insisted I was liable for the remainder of the lease and I insist that the lease is void because the unit was misrepresented, illegal and never should have had a... continue reading
Turlock, Stanislaus
After several years of receiving notices that the home we rent was in foreclosure, we finally received official notice it had foreclosed. We have almost used up our 90 days and have been unable to locate a home to rent. I am working on getting my credit score up to purchase a home, but for now we... continue reading
sherman oaks, Los Angeles
Just moved in for 2 months, then found out the house was infested by rat mites. I got bit all over, I could see hundreds of mites crawling all over, I even had mites inside my nose. Two dogs got bit now have to spend money for the vet. My husband and I are just barely getting by. Luckily the baby... continue reading

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